Who needs speed when your on the Wahls Protocol!

When I began the Protocol, I was hit with a big energy boost from dropping heavy gluten laden foods and dairy and increasing my vegetable and fruit intake up to nine cups a day. That alone filled me with energy I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I was overwhelmed, I didn’t know what to do with all this new found energy, I over talked and I paced, almost beside myself with it. I gradually adjusted to it, but maintained a healthy energy while the MS fatigue ebbed away. I gradually built up the many components of the Wahls Protocol. I stayed between the Wahls Diet level I and Wahls Paleo level II for about four months. There is a lot to learn and it takes time. And a lot of it should be slowly introduced. For example, Paleo level II, introduces fermented foods, organ meat and seaweed into your diet. Fermented foods should be introduced slowly and Dr. Wahls will tell you that. Because fermented foods will kill bad bacteria (the goal) and introduce good bacteria (also the goal) into your gut. Completely unaccustomed to it, I needed to gradually build up over the course of three weeks. Seaweed is also something not everyone is used to. It too has a life changing impact on the body. I began taking Spirulina in the form of capsules 2 months after beginning the Wahls protocol. Two capsules at first working up to four a day now. I do well with them, they aren’t bothering me in anyway. Organ meat, I tried, didn’t like it, and chose instead to take desiccated liver pills instead which I purchase on Amazon.ca, brand Trophic.

Add to these an increase in seafood from (in my case) once every two months to five times a week. This and fermented cod liver oil. The latter is admittedly, gross, but they give you a little plunger thing, I fill it with 2 mg a day and shoot it into the back of my mouth with a sip of Kombucha tea, at the ready in the other hand. I know what a baby. But, this baby is doing it, because it is incredibly good for me. Add to this, Alpha Lipoic Acid, suggested as an optional supplement on Wahls, but is a must take on Matt and Dr. Embry’s list of supplements because ALA has been proven to lesson brain atrophy. 1200 mg is their recommended dose, I take 400 mg in the morning and 800 mg in the evening. I began taking this three weeks ago. I gradually lessened my gluten free and high starch vegetables and grains in preparation for Wahls Paleo Plus level III, a diet that puts you into a nutritional Ketosis state. The reason for this is because it makes your mind sharper, it turns your body into a healing machine when you sleep and it increases your energy.

This is a partial and brief list of all that is contributing to my energy. Read the book The Wahls Protocol to learn about all these things in proper detail. With just what I listed above, I’ve listed foods, supplements and regimes that all individually boost vitality, energy and sharpen the mind. Taken together, POW! I am overwhelmed again with the energy boost, which isn’t comparable to the early one, this is ridiculous. I’m buzzing around, over talking, thinking, thinking, thinking, dancing in my living room because I don’t know what to do with this energy. And better thinking? I have 18 lesions in the cognitive section of my brain. I needed to go to occupational therapy for months and it took me years to learn to organize myself and develop habits to aid my broken short term memory and loss of multi tasking abilities. Its been this way since 2009. Since being on Wahls, I have gradually increased all my activity, socially, non profit work, this blog exercise schedules and I have medical coming up like carpal tunnel surgery and rehabbing my drop foot, I am remembering my appointments as many as there are, without obsessively writing them in three places, calendar, note book and I-phone, I’m keeping track, without having to look at them, I remember. I’m remembering peoples names,  I’m multi tasking logistics and my thinking has quickened. Its extraordinary. And its not bullshit. I realize we get skeptical, as do I, when we are inundated with fads like, “Kale the super food, or Turmeric in everything.” What these ads fail to mention is that it is only one of many, many things, all working together. Don’t eat these, eat those, in these amounts, with exercise, and detoxing, and de-stressing and supplementing. Then yes, Turmeric and Kale are going to help you. If I am still consuming loads of sugar, carbs, not exercising, and/or I am living in a stressed out, drama ridden, negative, toxic, victim state of thinking. If nothing changes, nothing changes.  My food has become my medicine. This is working, nothing else has since my diagnosis and that includes the best medical care you can get since 2004.


Bonne Sante


Picture from Dreamstime: https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-brain-image2569107

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