“I’m walkin’, yes indeed….” Fats Domino

I don’t have a whole lot to say today, so this will be brief. A very productive and busy day was had. And I am still running on full steam, I can’t get over it, really. I’m doing volunteer work I had to quit in 2009 due to a bad MS attack, I’ve been taking up my bed and walking as they say and taking more responsibility in a non profit that I love and hold near and dear to my heart. Very exciting. Further milestone: I walked a kilometer today. This walk is one I gradually lost the ability to do, then had to take the bus most of the way there and 8 months ago, not even that, door to door cabs or rides only. Today was the first time I walked the whole length without taking the bus. I left the house at 8:10 am and got there at 8:45 am. My left leg was completely fatigued at the end of it, but I did it! Wooooooo!


Bonne Sante


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