Calgary Herald Article on Matt Embry’s Documentary Living Proof

Here is the link to the article in the Calgary Herald about Matt Embry’s Documentary Living Proof

Matt’s says: “Thank you to the Calgary Herald for sharing this story about the upcoming premiere of our documentary”Living Proof” Official: Living Proof. The creation of this film is due to the incredible work, talent and creativity by our Spotlight Productions team and to all the inspiring MS patients, experts, families and friends who graciously took the time to appear on camera. Congratulations! Screening dates will be announced soon! #tiff TIFF #hope

Direct-MS, Matt’s father’s website is a proponent of CCSVI, Dr. Zamboni’s theory of artery blockages in the neck to the brain. That makes sense to me in that I have a stenosis in my spinal column in my neck and have had a 90% compression on my neck with bulging discs in the same spot. I now have three fusions. My early MS diagnosis was happening at the same time. Coincidence? I think not! Matt has been to Italy and had the testing and the procedure done, if I am remembering right, five years ago and still doing very well in testing, although he did say some of the blockage has returned but far better than it was. They are currently gathering information on research with a doctor in the US who is conducting trials using ultra sound, which works in a noninvasive way, to open the arteries in the neck with pulsing. The premise is that the patient would have this repeated monthly for an inexpensive $30.00 session. Wonder if this is possible for me whereas my neck is now fused, complete with screws and wing nuts.

Speaking of which, I must apologize, I did not get my blog done last night because I was sleeping. All this week, I’ve had pain building in my neck and the back of my head. It stems from the three fusions I have in my neck. The only drugs I’ve taken over the past 13 years for neurological pain are Gabapentin which I have started and weened off probably 15 times or more, and for a very short time, muscle relaxers. I hate taking drugs or being dependent on them. Gabapentin is not a bad one. It is a neuroblocker and effectively cuts off neurological pain. A low dose of it has always worked for me. It is a drug that builds in your system, so not a one time use drug. Side effects for me on this drug are minimal. So, why don’t I just stay on it. This is where I can be my own worse enemy. I let this pain get so bad that I was nauseous from it. I have a prescription for muscle relaxers from this past winter. Hate those things. The prescription was for cyclobenzaprine 10 mg, 1 tablet twice daily. I followed this two and half days, stopped them and started Wahls. This was given me for spastic pain in my back from what I now know are new lesions. I couldn’t function on those things.

Well, with the pain getting as bad as it did, I broke down and took half a muscle relaxer, so 5 mg. I took it at 4 pm and made the decision to get back on Gabapentin, took one of those. My prescription for that is 300 mg twice a day (sounds high, but its in the low range). Anyway, I slept from 5 pm till 5 am. I took a Gabapentin this morning and went out to exercise, felt fine. So that sleep fest yesterday was the muscle relaxer. What it did do, was loosen up the muscles around the fusions and I did have instant and lasting relief from that one dose. The Gabapentin, it can’t be good to start and stop and start and stop. I really need to just stay on it and then maybe I won’t end up in pain like that. Even Dr. Wahls, I have learned takes a small dose of Gabapentin.

This brings me to a consideration in terms of working. What will I be able to do with the limitations from my neck. Obviously nothing repetitive. It is this condition which initially put me out of work, then later a MS attack which stopped my path off of disability in which I was half way through a college degree in business and had to drop out. But first it was using a mouse all day that was the catalyst in the break down of an existing disk and compression in my neck. I was working at MBNA America as a telemarketer (yes, I was one of “those” people). My goal is still to be ready to attempt full time work in seven months (that will be one year on Wahls), however, when deciding on best job scenarios, my neck will need to be a consideration too.  In the mean time, I will continue marching forward, after all, I’m on a mission.


Bonne Sante


Picture from the Calgary Herald

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