Bureaucratic Hullabaloo!

What a hullabaloo. I spent the morning working on contacting Costco about purchasing the TENS/EMS machine they have for sale online. The online phone number has no option to get to a live person. I phoned a local Costco and connected with administrative, who suggested I try the Pharmacy. Did that, spoke to a lovely woman who had tied hands. The issues were, I am approved for this purchase to be covered by my disability insurance who will need to be invoiced by the seller and then they will pay them. The item is only available online (we thought maybe they could order it for me at the local store, but no). Online is a separate animal from in-store retail. Further, lets say, I try to pay for this upfront (hard for me, reason why I need financial assistance with this), but lets say I do, I need to be a Costco member to purchase anything. That is $60.00 a year, which I would consider if I thought I’d ever use it again, if I did, it would be online shopping. However, I don’t use credit cards, I use a virtual visa debit, they won’t accept visa payments online. This means, I will need to find a friend who is a member and have them pay, giving them cash or email transfer. Then wait for the AISH reimbursement. Not happening! This machine requires the electrodes to be replenished every two months, I would have to jump through the same hoops each time. Why did I end up with Costco? A well meaning physical therapist from my MS clinic suggested it. I owe it to the next person to give her the better option I found below.

I did a search online for local rehab/medical equipment stores and found this: Healthcare and Rehab here in Calgary has a TENS/EMS machine, it is $40 more than the Costco one, but the electrode replacements are $20 less. Best of all, she deals with insurance reimbursements all the time. Easy to deal with. Which now leaves me to one final quandary. I am approved to buy the one at Costco, contacting and reaching my worker at AISH can take time. I put a call in to her to give her the new information. In fact, I think I will make a second call (which they hate) with the manager’s name and the store, who said she could fax them the new invoice. Why the haste, because they are sending me paperwork (maybe on its way) for the Costco one. Trying not to waste anyone’s time and be efficient. I don’t think there is anything more trying and stressful then bureaucracy. I did do well, all considering, I spoke with all nice people, I was patient and nice, this took a total of four hours to get to this point. I say to myself, four hours of work to rehab a leg, four hours of work to rehab a leg, keep going.


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/office-mail-business-work-8777/


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