The Bionic Woman

My day began with a phone call that had very good news. I had submitted a request along with supportive prescriptions from my Neurologist for a tens/ems machine and physical therapy for rehab of my drop foot leg via electrical stimulation from disability here in Alberta. Along with that I printed off the whole section in Wahls book about        e-stim. The good news is that I am approved for the machine, physical therapy and the replacement of the self adhesive electrodes (every 2 months or so). She’s sending me approval paperwork to show Cosco. Not sure how that will work, I have a friend who has a membership. The machine is sold online. The way this will work is I will give the approval paper to someone and they will send the invoice to AISH and AISH will send them payment. I will call Cosco with the machine info before me, explain the situation. Tell you how that goes when I have any answers. Very excited. Once I get the machine. I can’t begin using it till I see a physical therapist. I have an idea of what I will be working on, I know my damage stems from my left hip and glute, not the leg. What is most difficult for me is lifting this leg up from the hip. That is where I would assume the most atrophied section is. This is where the physical therapist comes in. She can teach me exactly where to apply the electrodes and how to use the machine.

I won’t be able to begin this till October. Both my wrists are having carpal tunnel surgery, the first one is scheduled August 31. Then if all goes well, the other will be scheduled. I think it pointless to begin the long term rehabilitation of my leg and then possibly stop for a month. The carpal tunnel has hung over my head for years. It started in 1997 and has worsened year by year. I was scheduled to do my right wrist (the worse one) in 2008, but was experiencing a horrible attack and couldn’t attend to something like that in the midst of it. I do very intricate beadwork and I walk with a cane using my right hand to support the left leg, which of course has only succeeded in worsening the condition. This was the explanation of my results, “I’ll show you the left wrist first, you have limited peaks and valleys on the graph, they should be more dramatic. This shows a severe compression. Okay, this is the right hand”, he indicates a graph that shows a flat line. Okay, guess its time. I’m grateful for this too. He does say that in my case, I shouldn’t expect a complete turn around because, ordinarily it is a 90% turnaround for most people. He explained that while I definitely have carpal tunnel, I also show damage from something neurological. It may be only a 60% turn around for me. What is left is what will be the neurological damage, either from MS or from the Stenosis in my neck. Its always this way, when I had the last fusions in my neck done, the Neurosurgeon said, “What is left after the surgery, is MS.” Its hard to tell the difference between these varying conditions. Anyway, when it comes closer, I will start addressing planning for pre-chopped foods, and walking without the cane for at least two weeks (maybe that will be my cue to let go of the cane). Then there is the typing issue for the blog. It will happen one way or the other, just might be some really short ones, or maybe I’ll use those dedicate those blogs to a series of informational talks. We’ll see.

I’m just so excited about the idea of rehabbing this leg, which has been a bane for so long. I never knew that there was an option like this till I read about it in Wahls book. I feel like the bionic woman, being put back together one piece at a time. When I’m done with my overhaul, I’ll have to find something to be heroic about!


Bonne Sante

2 thoughts on “The Bionic Woman

  1. I have the same issue with my leg (foot drop) hard to lift left leg. Will be interested on how things progress with therapy. Will be keeping an eye on your posts!


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