Live and Learn

I found this video very helpful from Dr. Wahls. Someone posted this today on the Wahls Protocol Facebook Group. Dr. Wahls gives a tour in her kitchen of key food and supplements encouraged when following the Protocol. I liked it so much, I thought I’d share it here. Suggestion: Be prepared to take notes. I was psyched to see that I am well on my way to most of what was introduced in the video. I did learn a few things and had a few unclear things cleared up. Therefore, helpful. There is a big learning curve with all of this. To be patient is key, to go into this knowing its for the long haul and not an overnight miracle cure is also helpful. The video: Dr. Wahls Talk

I wanted to backtrack on a blog I put up the other night where I overly criticized a nurse from my neurologists office. I was made aware by a couple of well meaning friends who gave defense to the nurse and I must agree with them, because they’re right. I was unfair. My friend who is a professional nurse and a damn good one said, “Since nurses don’t usually prescribe treatment we are not going to say much about someone’s choice unless it is dangerous. People try all kinds of things.” That is true, also, the nurse did confide in me before we began our conversation that she was tired, a long day, it was after 6 pm, she works the day shift, so an extra long day and I was the last call. This is also the nurse who helped me get a prescription from my neurologist for an electrical stimulation machine and physical therapy for the same.

The reason for her phone call brought out an old resentment of a situation that has replayed over and over again since I first got sick back in 2004. I have presented complaints of very sick to balking from health officials, maybe because I have a high pain threshold, and tenacity is my middle name, they don’t see it. They don’t look at the MRI or they don’t bother to update the MRI to check for new attacks. At any rate, this is the history, briefly:

2004 – After moving across the border from Edmundston, NB to Fort Kent, ME and having no medical history. I go to the ER with right side electricity and numbness, MRI of brain, 2 lesions, after MS testing, yes I do have MS. Put on steroids. But, I am unable to work, I am very sick, sicker then 2 lesions show. It is suggested that its stress, which, no doubt I was under, but I knew something was up.

2005 – MRI of upper spine. Result: 90% compression on my spinal cord at the c/5c/6 section partly because of a severe stenosis and a bulging disk. Mystery solved.

2007 – operation to fuse my neck (I was afraid of the operation and put it off till there was no choice (stupid move)

2008 – Moved five hour’s away and have new doctor. I begin having crying jags and weakness and rage (not my personality). Lose my job, drop out of college and am facing bankruptcy, homelessness, loss of driving ability. The doctor’s say, its stress, its ADHD, a psychologist I went to even suggested it might be multiple personalities. My then husband demanded a new MRI. Result: 18 new lesions in the cognitive section of my brain. I am given huge does of steroids and put on Copaxone. Mystery solved.

2012 – Moved to Calgary, AB, new doctors.

2013 – Two visits to the ER and no answers from the new neurologist. I knew I was having an attack, my left leg is worse, my back is having problems for the first time, no one is listening. They suggest: Its stress. I fell apart and I explained, did you read my chart, its never stress, its always something very serious. They don’t listen.

2014 – I bring a friend with me to appointments (something I also had to resort to in Maine both times because for some reason, by myself, they don’t hear me). This time I demanded an MRI of my mid back, to which I am told that you can’t see lesions there (what?!)

2014 – MRI of my mid back and neck, that show lesions, active lit up lesions. I’m put on a steroid treatment. This is what the doctor said, “I knew you needed that MRI of your back, that’s why I suggested it.” She says nothing about the neck. Two of us heard the lie, I wasn’t alone. I fired the doctor and demanded a new neurologist.

2015 – The attack is quelled, but something is still wrong. I suggest is it my neck. They send same MRI to the spinal clinic, who say it is moderate/severe. Four months later, I had c/7c/6 and c/4c/5 fused. She had that MRI and ignored that information. The operation is a big success and still is.

2017 – I land in the ER three times and realize this is an attack. I went to my neurologist and tell him, he does not order an MRI to compare or confirm an attack, he suggests: Its stress. But, he does give me half a dose of steroids, but strongly suggests that I don’t take it.

2017 – After four months on the Wahls Protocol, I had an MRI taken of my lumbar and mid back that was ordered by the attending neurologist on the last ER visit I had. The poor nurse who called me to tell me that there are two new lesions in my mid back and repeatedly asked me if I was walking didn’t know that all those old feelings of not being taken seriously till a MRI proves me right every single time surfaced. Hence, the blog.

Here’s what is really important, I’m on the Wahls Protocol and miracles are happening. As you can see, I am well in tune with my body, I know when its sick and I know when its well. I thank my dear friend for her wisdom and honesty and I agree with her. Not the nurses fault. I am fallible, I am human, I wasn’t wrong per say, but I did put way to much onus on the nurse. Who in the past has been very good to me.

Live and Learn!


Bonne Sante


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