Living Proof: A documentary about the politics of having MS

The picture is of Matt Embry and his father Doctor Ashton Embry. Matt’s website is and his father’s website is Matt was diagnosed 20 years ago with 19 lesions at age 18. He is a film producer by trade, his father is a scientist. When Matt was diagnosed his father went on a relentless quest to find answers to his son’s malady. As a result of his father’s research, Matt has successfully stayed in remission all these years and literally could walk off the cover of a men’s fitness magazine. It is because of Matt and his father Ashton that I’m on this path. They live here in Calgary (lucky me) and they brought Dr. Terry Wahls here to speak about her incredible turn around from her debilitating MS condition. She developed The Wahls Protocol which is akin to what Matt follows, only more structured. Direct MS gave out 400 of Dr Wahls books that night free of charge. They charged nothing to hear her speak. A full house was there including me. My young son drove me there, at the end my son chomped at the bit to exit the stairs, he found himself in the midst of 400 people with MS exiting at the same time. I laughed at his impatience saying, “My people”. As we slowwwwwly descended the steps.

Almost all donations given to Direct MS go directly into research (proper research, not profit motivated research), here is a direct quote from Direct-MS’ site:

“We would again emphasis because of the volunteer nature of Direct-MS, every penny of mailed donations will go straight to the research effort (97 cents on the dollar for online donations). This compares to about 15 cents of every dollar collected by the MS Society of Canada going to research.”

I am excited to share the news of the completion of a documentary Matt Embry has directed and produced called, “Living Proof”. In Matt’s words:

“I am honoured to announce that our feature documentary “Living Proof” was officially selected to premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)! “Living Proof” is a film about my family’s journey to share information and hope with MS patients and their families. Thank you to all the amazing and inspiring people who made this film possible. I will post the September screening dates when they are publicly released!” Here is the trailer for the documentary:

Dr. Wahls makes an appearance in the film and is in the trailer. Can’t wait to see this. I owe a huge a debt of gratitude to these people for their selfless dedication to get the word out about the truth. My gratitude will be to do the same. Thank You!!!!

Bonne Sante


The picture is from the cover of Matt Embry’s facebook page. Matt Embry Facebook

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