How to be a walking miracle.

I had a call from my doctor’s office today regarding an MRI I had at the beginning of this month. To understand the significance of this MRI I need to back track first. This past winter, starting in December, I landed in the ER three times and could barely walk. I went from using a cane to relying half the time on a walker. I curtailed outings to only absolutely necessary appointments. My exercise was cancelled often. I was in bad shape. After the third ER visit, (back spasms), a friend, not my doctor, said, “You must be having an MS attack, these injuries are your body not able to repair itself because all your energy is going into fighting off an attack.” When she said it, I knew it was true. I saw my doctor who did not order an MRI, who gave me a half dose of steroids, but strongly suggested that I not take them. I have a stenosis in my neck, however, my bone density tests are above average. I took a script for muscle relaxers and after five days of drooling on myself on those things, I stopped taking them and I started this protocol. My last visit to the ER was early March, I saw him mid March, I started the protocol March 27. The MRI I just took was ordered by an ER doctor on my last visit there of my lumbar and mid back. I’ve been on the Protocol almost four and a half months. The MRI was done August 3rd without contrast. The nurse called me late afternoon to tell me that there are two new lesions in my back. Without contrast, they can’t tell if they’re lit up which indicates that they are active lesions. I have no doubt that they were lit up in March.

My interview with the nurse after she informed of the new lesions:

  • Nurse: “How are your legs?”
  • Me: “They’re better.”
  • Nurse: “Did you take the steroids Dr. Yeung gave you?”
  • Me: “No, I didn’t. He strongly suggested that I not take them and only gave me a half dose. Instead, I started the Dr. Wahls Protocol and I am doing much better.”
  • Nurse: “Can you spell that?”
  • Me: “W-a-h-l-s, she’s a Doctor from the US who turned around her own MS with this diet/lifestyle of exercise, detoxing and stress reduction.”
  • Nurse: “Yes, but how are your legs, are you walking?”
  • Me: “Yes, I am. I’ve been on the Dr. Wahls Protocol for four months and I’m doing incredibly well. I’m doing better than the last ten years. I’m walking well, I’m feeling great. I’m not using the walker.”
  • Nurse: “How is your memory?”
  • Me: “That’s better too. I have a blog I’ve been documenting everything I’ve experienced on the Protocol.”
  • Nurse: “That’s okay.”
  • Me: “I’ll give you the address for it, I have a page of monthly symptom updates, you could look at that.”
  • Nurse: “No, that’s okay. Are you still taking Copaxone?”
  • Me: “Yes.”
  • Nurse: “When does it renew?”
  • Me: “Not sure.”
  • Nurse: “Oh, I have it here, it renews November 30. You’ll have an appointment with the Doctor then.”

End or conversation.

I was going down in flames this past winter. I had an aerobics instructor amazed this morning at my turn around progress. I am a walking miracle, they can see it right on the MRI, I understood her, I shouldn’t be able to walk and before I started this, that is where I was headed. I was falling down in my apartment. And they don’t want to know about this, about the Protocol. Calgary is considered a number one research for MS in the world. My Neurologist heads up the Calgary University MS Research Program. He has doctors from all over the world doing their MS practicums under him. One of my goals is to give my documentation here to him after one year on the Wahls Protocol. What I have no control over is whether he takes it serious or shelves it. But, that is what I am going to do. I know how to put together written presentations, I’ve done many in the past for grants. The blog is for me, to keep me accountable and motivated, but it is also going to serve as a detailed record of my experience over the course of a year on the Wahls Protocol.

I’ll put it bluntly, that pissed me off. Resentment gets nothing done and poisons one from the inside. And so, we’ll let this go and pray for them. In the mean time, I will continue to stock pile my documentation.

I said yesterday that I was kicked out of ketosis, this is what happened with that: I tested some limits to see if I would be kicked out of ketosis. The limits I tested were: I had a 1/2 cup cooked sweet potato with onions and coconut oil and yesterday morning I had two soy lattes. Only coconut milk is allowed on the diet and no white or sweet potatoes raw or cooked. I check my ketones every morning. Yesterday, I wasn’t able to till mid afternoon. That test showed no ketones, meaning I was out of ketosis. I adhered strictly to the guidelines the rest of the day yesterday. This morning I tested at the usual time and my ketones were moderate/high. So, I’m back in.

How to be a walking miracle? Follow this Protocol verbatim and document everything, journal, film, blog, lets show them that this works.

I’m very grateful, thank you Dr. Wahls

Bonne Sante


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