Ketosis side effect – No hunger!

Important Corrections! I blundered twice on this blog and they need to be pointed out. Dr. Wahls suggests taking mixed vitamin E tocotrienols or mixed tocotrienols if you are taking non-fermented fish oil. The second bluder  and most important correction because this one can hurt you: Dr. Wahls suggests taking L-methylfolate (levomefolic acid) which is folate, not folic acid. I showed the correct one above to a pharmacist for help locating and she gave me folic acid and said it is the same, its not. So watch for that when you purchase. Folic acid is synthetic and has been proven to cause advanced cancer in some people over a period of years taking it. Active folate is good for you and is natural. It is found in beef liver, spinach boiled, spinach raw, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, romaine lettuce, and other foods.



A side effect of the nutritional Ketosis diet is that you lose your hunger. Boy, they’re not kidding. I am fasting 16 hours with an 8 hour eating window. The break the fast meal is around 12 noon. That meal I do have a good appetite for, it is the bigger meal. I eat my meats here and 2/3’s of my six cups veggies and roughly half the 51/2 tbsp’s fat. Even though I don’t eat till 11:30/12:00, I’m not suffering, I have no problem waiting for that meal. In the morning, I do take 1 tbsp Magnesium Glycinate, 8,000 to 10,000 IUs Vitamin D3 drops, Citracal, Folic Acid (should be Folate), 2 Hawaiian Spirulina capsules, Vitamin E and B12. On days With both meals, I take a Digestive Enzyme, Fish Oil and Coenzyme Q10. With the night meal, I add four Desiccated Liver pills in place of organ meat. I will be adding Alpha Lipoic Acid, which has recently been proven to aid in reduced brain atrophy typical in MS. Here is a link to the research:    Food sources for Alpha Lipoic Acid are eaten daily on the Dr. Wahls Protocol: Image may contain: textWhen I am not exercising (three days a week), I’ll have coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon while I am still fasting. Where I am having a hard time is the second meal. I don’t want it. I’ve been trying to eat all my protein with the first meal, reserving two cups veggies, which includes one cup berries and spinach along with almond butter, coconut milk, nutritional yeast, vanilla or cinnamon, half an avocado (included in the veggie measure), water and ice. Sometimes, I throw in my 1/2 cup daily Kombucha tea in. Mid day, I will have one ounce, 90% Lindt dark chocolate for added magnesium. I could not drink the smoothie tonight. I just wasn’t hungry. I have to figure out how to overcome that. I also need to start making bone broth, which I promised that I would begin making this month. Gotta get a crock pot along with a filtered water pitcher. I need to crack down on soaking nuts, which I haven’t been doing. I found a better priced source for Hawaiian Spirulina, need to be taking a lot more than I am, but it is so expensive. This is bulk powder, more concentrated, so need less and a lot cheaper considering the volume. Its a complicated eating regime, but I feel so good and I am getting stronger every single day. I don’t mind doing this, I’m committed to it. Thank God.

Exercise in the morning,

Bonne Sante

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