Food Fears

I am having a lot of healing and strangely overcoming food fears and fixed ideas about food is part of it. Raised on white fish and shell fish, I couldn’t stomach the thought of eating Salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel, etc. Unfortunately for me, these are the fish with the highest amounts of Omega 3’s and an absolute necessity on Wahl’s levels II and III.  I decided that out of that list of fish, salmon would be the one I could deal with force feeding myself. Sounds ridiculous to say it that way, but when you dislike something that much, that’s what the first time amounts to. I survived, it wasn’t great and I needed to pour maple syrup and veganaise on every bite, but I did survive the salmon ordeal. And have since learned to “almost” like it without the sugar and veganaise, What I do now is bake it with balsamic vinegar, garlic and fresh tarragon. Yum. Did you see that, I said, “Yum!”

Scallops were one of my favorite foods as a kid. While salmon and sardines are highest in omega 3’s, scallops are up there too, and is a significant source for B12 and other important nutrients. So, what is my problem with them? I had a bad batch at age 13 that left me the sickest I’ve ever been for two days. I haven’t had a scallop since. But, I do love the way they taste, more than salmon. Yesterday, I had my first scallops and they were delectable. I told myself, I was used to deep fried scallops back then, the scallops that made me sick were obviously bad tasting, but it was my first time eating baked and I just figured baked doesn’t taste good. I know better now. I had a serving of scallops yesterday and today, and I am still alive and not sick.

Organ meat, this is also an absolute necessity on Wahls levels II and III. The closest I could come to trying organ meat was liverwurst. I did okay the first time, but the second and the third, couldn’t stomach it. This one I did throw the towel in on and just accepted that its not happening. I learned that I can take desiccated liver pills instead. That’s what it will need to be. Interesting though, is this, raw oysters are included under organ meat. I love raw oysters. There is a place not far from here that serves East Coast oysters (gotta be East Coast) and has a special on them every Tuesday. I’d like to get in the habit of having a plate of them on Tuesday’s. Hasn’t happened yet, but it is in the back of my mind.

Fermented foods, soaking nuts and mold. The worst taste in the world to me is mold. I needed to get over my fear of this to even consider trying homemade fermented foods and soaked nuts, another absolute necessity on Wahls levels II and III. I must confess, I have only soaked nuts and consumed them once. I’m still working on that one, but it is so important, that I will get over it, its in my head for one thing. And the fermented foods, will be in the doing that will help me gain confidence there. For now, I purchase cold fermented Kombucha tea, fermented pickles and I use nutritional yeast in smoothies and make Ramasen, a Parmesan cheese knock off made with nutritional yeast, walnuts and salt. It doesn’t taste anything like Parmesan cheese (this once having been one of my favorite foods), but it is good in its own rite.

Seaweed and algae, another weird food foreign to me. I have not graduated to eating it, but I do take Hawaiian Spirulina in capsule form every day. That is an acceptable alternative.

Sugar, not having it anymore in any form. Tough one, but I am learning. Your taste buds do change, they really do. I am well adjusted to this now.

Increased fats, the right kind of fats and lots of them, which are coconut oil, animal fat, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, etc. I am a child of the 70’s and I remember one of the first commercials that caused the initial scare to not eat these fats. I’ll describe one, in this commercial is a very cute blonde woman with long hair, serving her lumber jack style burly husband his dinner. She is serving him directly from a caste iron pan that has at least a cup of oil in it, she smiles and says, “I love you, Honey.” or just looks at him adoringly, can’t remember anymore. The narrator states, or words come on the screen telling that she is killing him with the oil, and is responsible if he has a heart attack, so said the American Heart Association. OMG, the sexism back then!  I have learned a few things about this on my journey and I for one am shocked at the truth, which I will not get into here. But, I had to do a lot of undoing to get over my fixed beliefs that these fats are bad, there not. Of course, one of the differences being, I am eating a ton of fresh vegetables and fruits along side those fats. Wahls level III, mandatory, five and a half tablespoons of coconut oil or a full can of full fat coconut milk or mixes of the fats above with coconut fats being dominant. I am successfully doing this as evidenced by the fact that I am in Ketosis, but I’ll be honest, I feel naughty eating that much fat.

No dairy, I didn’t find it overly difficult to quit dairy. There are so many comparable substitutes these days, like almond milk and coconut milk, that I really don’t miss it. And I feel so much better without, I don’t want it.

Gluten, this is a gluten free lifestyle, Wahls levels I and II, I was okay with because I could potatoes, rice and gluten free flours, but level III, no more. That is tough, on the other hand, something funny is happening, I am craving raw veggies on this diet and I don’t really miss the carbs and yams are a no unless raw, but I have found that I don’t have problem eating them in sauteed with coconut oil. Once or twice a week, I have those. Gluten is the other major change that has impacted me deeply health wise. Gluten is bad news for me. I don’t miss that.

There’s always more, I could go on, but I like to keep my blogs brief, this is a long one for me. I also updated my Monthly Symptoms page.

Food is medicine

Bonne Sante


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