Four months and going strong!

I had a MRI today, it had been ordered after three visits to the ER over the course of six weeks. It is the most thorough one I’ve had since 2005, lower back, mid back, neck and brain. I am four months on the Protocol and this MRI brought me back to the motivation that got me dedicated to this path in the first place. I had progressed terribly this past winter, really the last four years, but worst of all last winter. I was relying more and more on a walker and was enduring horrible pain from spasticity and sciatica. The MRI was ordered the beginning of March and I began Dr. Wahls Protocol March 27. My lower back was ordered along with my brain and upper spine because I was having horrible weakness in my lower back and wanted to rule out spine problems. I was not sure if it was that or MS. Over the course of adhering to the Protocol, my lower back weakness has all but vanished. I was desperate at the beginning of March and here we are July 30, a little over four months later, I was setting up chairs effortlessly tonight at a meeting! God, I am so grateful. Thank you God, thank you Dr. Wahls!

This MRI will make an interesting baseline in a year. I’d like to compare this one with the one I had done a year ago.

Tomorrow I update my symptoms page!


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels:

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