Take that!

If you imagine that the guy in the picture is multiple sclerosis, and the girl is me, and the gloves are Dr. Wahls Protocol, then you get how I am feeling. I feel so empowered! Yesterday morning I measured 1.5, this morning it was 4. on the ketone strip and I feel good, not sick at all. I did need to adjust my food amount to a lesser amount. I’m getting a feel for this, eventually this will become second nature. Today was 27 Celsius and humid. I wasn’t sick, I handled it okay. I was hot and uncomfortable, but not devastated as I would normally be out in hot weather. That’s improving and that’s amazing! Hey, multiple Sclerosis………..take that! Ha!

After four months on the Wahls Protocol I am gaining the ability to track what I’m eating in my head without using the tracker I created to help me keep track of the many components of this regime. I keep the tracker up to double check from time to time, roughly weekly, to make sure I am on track. It is easier to track my daily intake of food on level III, because there is less I must consume in meat and vegetables. I take my organ meat and algae in pill form and I am drinking a 1/2 cup a day of fermented Kombucha Tea as my daily serving, I will sometimes have fermented pickles or nutritional yeast as well. I’ve habits in meditation, exercise and positive thinking well ingrained and integrated into my life before I began the Protocol, although I did double my exercise. I’ve changed over my cleaning products, soaps and bath ingredients. I’ve invested in a few essential oils. I still need to buy castille soap to make my own shampoo, for now, I bought a slightly better cheap shampoo sans some chemicals and dyes. My own is better though. I still need a filtered water pitcher and I dream of a Vitamix. I have a Ninja Professional, which is excellent for smoothies, no complaints about its performance. However, now that I’m on level three, I really need to invest in the aforementioned Vitamix. Here’s the difference in cost: $150 for the Ninja, $650 for the Vitamix. What do I need a Vitamix for? On this level, its vital. I need to be soaking nuts to eat them, which also means that I can’t drink nut milks or eat nut butters from the grocery store. This machine can make nut milks and nut butter from the nuts that I soak, it also can act as a food processor and chop vegetables, smoothies or course, and even puree hot soups. It is on the future list.


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-couple-people-woman-343/

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