Life is Funny

I was wired for sound yesterday I had so much energy. The problem with that is it makes it hard to sleep. Suffice it to say, I didn’t sleep much last night. The lack of sleep did effect me today. My ketones this morning were 1.5 which is good. I figure, realistically, that it will take me some time to get my food intake, sleep and levels all in sync and adjusted to. At first, I wasn’t eating enough and now, I think I’m eating too much. Adjust, adjust, adjust. This is what will take some time. I will wake up and do my best everyday. I told a friend, this is the first time I’m on a diet that I have to eat more fat, more salt and eat an ounce of chocolate everyday. Bahhhhahahhahahahahahaha! Who knew?!

The fat should be mostly coconut oil and coconut milk with olive oil, ghee and bacon grease or other animal fat thrown in, the salt should be sea salt or better Pink Himalayan salt, and the chocolate, which has Magnesium I need on this ketosis diet, should be 90% dark chocolate. Lindt makes one and it melts in your mouth, it just isn’t sweet. I don’t miss the sweet, I’m happy with it the way it is. I read up on making yogurt that I can eat and its not hard to do. It has two ingredients, full fat coconut milk and probiotics, from what I understand, you end up with a deeply creamy yogurt consistency reminiscent of Greek Yogurt. I need to find cheese cloth to cover it while it sits out for 12 to 24 hours fermenting. Psyched, I didn’t think I’d ever have yogurt again. Most of what has been taken has been given back, but better and good for you. I’m drinking Synergy brand divine grape kombucha tea, a fermented drink, and its like drinking soda. I have a half cup a day. Life is funny.

Bonne Sante


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