Tweaking Ketos

I had a scare yesterday due to keto flu symptoms. I made diet adjustments and the flu symptoms are gone, but I just tested my ketones and am showing 8 as my level which is the lower end of large. I think that’s too high. I did, just now, consult the Wahls Paleo Ketosis group and looked up past discussions. One thing I did learn from this is that member’s experience was that ketones are higher at night, so I will begin testing in the morning and see how it looks. I’ll drop down some on the oil, that might be part of it. I might be overcompensating after the flu stuff yesterday. Also, high levels are bad if your diabetic, I’m not. I feel fine, I have energy, the drowsiness, weirdness in my head and chest have left me. Feeling normal. I exercised this morning, felt great. I rested for 30 minutes instead of the usual hour and had tons of energy for the second workout. That was good.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Going for an eye exam tomorrow to start in motion steps needed to replace my sad looking glasses after breaking them yesterday. The eyeglass situation doesn’t distress me much because I’m due for new glasses and I have insurance to help pay for them, but a situation did arise today that caused stress and worry, stress may be a culprit in the higher ketones. I will rest easy, meditate, and give it up to the universe. Of course, that only works if I put it out of mind. Thankfully, I’m practiced at it and will do exactly that. Adjustments, adjustments…..complicated diet, but still well worth it. I will keep plugging along.


Bonne Sante


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