Not so fast….

Well, I had a great workout in the pool this morning, took my shower and headed straight upstairs without the hour rest I usually take before my second workout with weights. I dragged through that workout and had to stop halfway through. I walked down the stairs and once at the bottom realized I’d left my purse in the locker. I looked up at all those stairs for several minutes, turned around and sat on the bench for ten minutes, then I climbed the stairs. At the top of the stairs, I had to sit down in a chair for five minutes before I could walk the 20 feet to the locker. There was my answer, “You still need the rest,” I said sternly to myself. A future milestone, I have no doubt that it will come. In the mean time, I have lost four pounds so far this month.

Meals today:

Lunch: Seven strips of nitrate free bacon, dry cured black olives, a smoothie with one cup berries, two tbsp’s coconut milk, water, nutritional yeast, vanilla, cinnamon, almonds, one and half cups spinach.

Snack: A handful of macadamia nuts

Dinner: Chicken thigh cooked in coconut oil with turmeric, paprika, onion powder and ginger, 1/2 a cup of pureed yams with half tsp coconut oil, one tbsp coconut milk, onion powder and salt and pepper, coleslaw with 1 cup red cabbage, 1/4 cup onion, 1/4 cup radishes mixed with Vegenaise, Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper with these I added a dollop of Tahini sauce which is loaded with garlic and 1/2 cup Kombucha tea.

Looking at it, I needed more greens, otherwise all is covered.

Need to work on soaking nuts and seeds the night before, I did once. Also need to begin making bone broth. This will be my priority next month. I should be drinking a cup of bone broth a day. Away’s a work in progress.


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels:

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