Milestones and Links to Important MS Theorists

I walked in heels today! They weren’t super high, maybe 2.5 inches, but its been a really long time and I did great in them. I go to the gym four days a week. I take a deep water aerobics class first thing, then shower and break for one hour to rest my leg so that I can do a second workout upstairs in the gym where I stretch and circuit train. All together, I’m exercising a total of 1 hour and forty minutes. When I began the Wahls Protocol I upped my schedule from two days a week to four. At my sickest this past winter, it was necessary to frequently cancel workouts almost on a weekly basis, I was so sick and there were only two. Now, I make every workout and there are four. The new milestone here is the fact that I don’t think I need the rest any longer between. With my new eating schedule, I won’t be eating breakfast anymore at the Leisure Center I work out at. Tomorrow is my first test. Because of that rest I end up spending closer to four hours at the gym, but without it, I can be outta there in two. But, is it possible? I am quite confident it is. Tell you how it went tomorrow.

I promised links to the pioneers I spoke of yesterday, some of you are well aware of them and some are not, but here they are:

Ashton Embry’s Direct MS –

Matt Embry’s MS Hope –

Dr. Terry Wahls –

Excellent YouTube Presentation from Dr. Wahls – Dr. Terry Wahls | Revitalize | How I Went From Wheelchair To Walking By Changing My Diet

The Wahls Protocol Facebook Group (this is not run by Dr. Wahls herself) This is a very supportive group –

Dr. George Jelinek –

CCSVI Alliance (This group has information to what’s going on at this time in research for CCSVI with interviews with Dr. Paolo Zamboni, Dr. Scott Rosa and others –

Dr. Roy L. Swank (Swank MS Foundation) –

Dr. Cicero Coimbra – A word of warning, these pages describe how Dr. Coimbra’s Protocol works, do not do this without a doctor trained in this Protocol, this must be done under a physicians guidance –

Autoimmune Wellness Angie Alt and Melissa Trescott  –

“With five autoimmune diseases between us, we found our path to better health through the Autoimmune Protocol. Now it is our mission to share this approach through nourishing recipes, practical resources, and community connections.”

This one I didn’t mention yesterday. This one is a Paleo based diet closest to Dr. Wahls. What this one does that is different is strip down foods to only foods that have no ill effect on most people for one year, then begin reintroducing some of them to test if you have a sensitivity to it. This is a very good website.

Anything I come across after thoroughly researching and reading up on all that I can I will share with you so that you too can read the presented material for yourself (which you should always do).


Bonne Sante


The picture is of the shoes I wore today!





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