There’s more than one way to skin a cat

Dr. Terry Wahls Protocol, Dr. Roy L. Swank’s founding diet theory, Professor Jelinek’s Vegan diet, Dr. Coimbra’s vitamin D Theory and treatment, Dr. Zamboni’s CCSVI theory and treatment, and Dr. Ashton Embry’s diet theory and research funding for Dr. Wahls and CCSVI. A lack of Vitamin D is a proven component to the cause of MS, most of the regime’s and theories listed above include this as a treatment. All but Swank agree to the abstention of dairy. Dr. Prof. Jelinek and Dr. Embry have explanations for this that made the most sense to me. They explain that milk and milk based products once in the system mimic a foreign component that will in some cases cause anti-bodies in some people to mistake them for disease that it should attack, something called molecular mimicry. Prof. Jelinek’s description in his book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis and Dr. Embry’s explanation on his website Direct MS listed under the Concepts page is far better and in greater detail then my brief summery here.

Dr. Swank is the man who first figured out that the foods we eat can cause and or exacerbate MS and therefore, the right foods in the right combinations can do the opposite and cause a healing effect. He conducted a 30 year trial monitoring a group with MS on his diet, he published his remarkable findings and success at the same time as the first MS drugs were introduced. His findings were overshadowed and not reported publicly the way it should’ve been and so society at large never knew of his success. A handful of Dr. Swank’s original group are still alive in their 80’s and 90’s and are still in remission. Dr. Jelinek’s Vegan approach is based most closely on Dr. Swank’s diet. Dr. Wahl’s is almost opposite to what Dr. Swank suggests, however, both work. Most have heard how healthy Seven Day Adventist’s are, the reason is they follow Dr. Jelinek’s diet and are knowledgeable of Dr. Swank’s work.

Ashton Embry created a nutritional approach to treating his son Matt Embry’s MS condition, diagnosed at age 18. His son is in remission 20 years now. Both Dr. Embry and his son are proponents of Dr. Wahls Protocol and Dr. Zamboni’s theory on CCSVI. Matt has had treatment by Dr. Zamboni himself in Italy for limited blood flow in his neck, he says its been five years and he still tests well. Dr. Wahls diet is closer to Dr. Embry’s paleo approach. Both these diets are gluten free and no dairy. All the diet’s focus on vegetables, fruits and non processed foods.

Dr. Wahls is most controversial due to its high use of saturated fats and the level III version, which is a nutritional ketosis diet. However, it works. Dr. Wahls is an Assistant Chief of Staff at Iowa City VA Health Care and clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa. She teaches internal medicine residents, sees patients in a traumatic brain injury clinic and conducts clinical trials. She has been diagnosed with a chronic progressive neurological disorder and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. It is her own diagnosis and poor prognoses that inspired her research and development of her Protocol. In 2007 she was in a tilt back wheelchair and in 2008 after one year, she was riding her bike 17 miles in one day.

Dr. Zamboni’s theory on CCSVI was inspired by his wife’s MS condition. He believes that most MS patients are afflicted in part by poor blood flow to the brain in the neck. He performs a procedure that open’s the valves wider. Exercise is encouraged on a regular basis for the same reason. Current research is looking into a less invasive, repeated opening of the valves because after the operation the valves can close again, although this hasn’t happened to Matt Embry. For example, there is a doctor in the US researching the use of an ultra sound machine that can increase blood flow externally by pressing up against the neck to send sound waves that open the valves.

Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra is a Brazilian Neurologist, Professor and Researcher who’s theory is that Vitamin D is the main culprit in the cause of autoimmune illnesses. He uses extremely high doses of Vitamin D which must be administered under the care and supervision of a medical doctor trained in Coimbra’s Protocol and monitored by a battery of blood tests. Along with the Vitamin D doses is a specific diet of which Dr. Wahls comes closest, exercise and decreased stress.

Most of these theories also include Vitamin D treatment, exercise and stress reduction. I was on Dr. Jelinek’s diet for one year when I attended a Seventh Day Adventist church during that time and I was in remission the whole time. Stopped the diet and a few months later began declining. I was introduced to Dr. Wahls Protocol by Direct MS (Ashton Embry’s website) who brought Dr. Wahls here to speak. I was on her diet three months with great success and then quit. Two years later after numerous attacks and further decline, I’m back on her diet almost four months now. Again, with great success. I settled on Dr. Wahls only because I needed greater direction and structure. I am waiting to see how I do on Dr. Wahls Protocol for one year before I make a decision to consider Dr. Coimbra’s Protocol. I am convinced it works, but it may not be necessary if Dr. Wahls diet is all that I need, that requires a wait and see. The other diets are good. We are all so very different, there are a variety of choices of how one can proceed, based on their personality, personal make up (different foods effect people in different ways). I encourage researching all these, be informed, maybe a little trial and error to find the right fit for you, this is what I have done.

Tomorrow, I will give you the links to all these, for now you can find most of them on my Research and Websites page on this blog site. This became an unplanned, involved blog tonight and I need to stop and go to bed. I have a milestone to share tomorrow too.

Bonne Sante


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