So far, So good

Woo, tested my ketones yesterday and today and I am in Ketosis. Yesterday I tested 1.5 (small), today I tested 4 (moderate). So paranoid about every little thing. I am okay, however it is so tough to figure out the eating schedule. Because my first meal of the day puts me square in the middle of the morning, busy time. I am holding off till 12 noon, I am here most days at that time, its really important that I have control over my eating, especially in the early stages of this, where I am so raw and green. I had a wonderful lunch with my friend who was an absolute sweetheart in giving me only what I could have. She didn’t have any of the cooking oils that I could have, I was supposed to bring coconut oil with me, but I forgot. So, she fried up some bacon and used that to saute mushrooms and onions to go with grilled steaks and huge salads. I cooked with her and it was a real joy to be so well thought of that someone would go that far out of their way for me. Very, very grateful.

Trying to remember to thaw out meat overnight in the fridge (no more using microwaves), on the other hand, I no longer have to pack breakfast to bring with me to the gym, I’ll be eating here after, that’s good. Anyway, you get the picture, its quite an undertaking to organize my meals. One day, this will all be ingrained habit.

Had my swimming class this morning, love the water. Aside from milestone days like the birth of my children and marriage to my first husband, my best memories involve water. The smell of salt in the air, sounds of crashing waves, family picnics at Quinsigmond Lake in Worcester and sliding down giant industrial slides (2 of them) into the water, the all the neighborhood kids in our pool, diving all day at the huge recreational pool in Holden, MA, jumping waves with my parents on our two week vacations at Horseneck Beach in MA, snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean, teaching my kids to swim, watching them enjoy the water. It seems anytime water is involved, its happy, healing and soothing. Best natural anti-depressant!


Bonne Sante


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