Juggling the Ketosis ball

I had an appointment this morning with my family doctor to go over the results of lab work from a physical I had two months ago. He asked if I was on cholesterol or thyroid medication, “No.”, I said to both. Everything was normal except for C-Reactive Protein was high, normal range 0.0 – 8.0, mine was 14.5. It is a sign of inflammation. I had these done a while ago, it’ll be interesting to see what that will be next year when I have my physical. Most of this past winter I was having an MS attack, I figure its a remnant of that attack. I mentioned to him how much better I am doing so far on the Protocol, to which he replied, “When you don’t eat certain foods, of course you become sensitive to them. He spoke about the Mediterranean diet, but said they forget that the sheep herders they based the diet on walked 21 miles a day. I attempted to explain that Dr. Wahl’s Protocol is more than the diet, it’s……interrupted.  I listened politely because it was pointless to discuss it any further, but I ended with this, I smiled and said, “At least learn what her protocol is specifically.” I like my family doctor, but he like others has a fixed opinion. But, he does mean well.

About juggling the Ketosis ball. I was hungry this morning, but abstained. The plan was to go to my appointment and eat when I got home, around 12 to 12:30 pm. That would be the break the fast meal. I prefer 10 am, but that seems to be a tough time for me to be able to cook a meal. I didn’t make it home, I had an hour to kill after the appointment waiting for my ride home. I had breakfast in the little eatery there. I ate the best choice I could, I ordered two over easy eggs (eggs don’t bother me, I don’t buy them, instead I reserve them for moments like this), the only bad thing about them is whatever oil they cook them in, poached wasn’t an option, they came with two strips of bacon and instead of the toast, I paid for a garden salad, the only problem with the salad was the salad dressings. I picked an Italian vinaigrette knowing that it wasn’t going to be pure ingredients and only used about a tablespoon of it. I did my best. Just couldn’t wait till I got home, way to hungry. I have faith that as these habits and schedules settle in I will get better at this and my hunger will get used to it.

Tomorrow I am going to the gym for only the swimming part then visiting with a friend till about 2:30. She offered lunch, I offered to bring my lunch with me, I leveled with her and explained that if I ate there, then I need to know exactly what we are eating. She knows that I am following the Protocol, I explained its more restrictive because I’m on level III now. She has been very supportive of my efforts and still is, she’s throwing a steak on the grill for me and making salads, dressing on the side. I really do hate having to be “picky” with meals in social situations, however, this is part of the reality of changing my habits, if I’m going to socialize meals with others, then either I abstain, bring my own food or explain in detail if its just the two of us, exactly what I can have. I find this hardest. I will need to carefully gauge my schedules to accommodate the fasting. And except the fact that it will require bringing food with me more often. Oh, logistics! More thinking, more planning. That’s okay, I rely on one of my favorite sayings, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” I haven’t tested my key tone’s yet, I’m afraid the meal this morning kicked me out, it being so soon. Tell you how that it went tomorrow.

Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/ball-blur-christmas-ball-close-up-239583/



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