There is so much to learn. I read or heard somewhere, I don’t remember which, that when a person loses a limb, it takes less than 3 weeks to accept it. I looked this up just now, something that has not occurred to me to do and came across a very brief, but good article about changing habits. According to this article, that theory came from a plastic surgeon who wrote a book in 1960. His theory was based on his observation that his patients took 21 days to accept a new face. However, it goes on to explain that’s not the reality of overcoming habits. If your interested, here is the article I pulled this from, I found it interesting, a quick read and much more plausible than the 21 day theory:


I have had twenty five years of kicking habits, starting with drugs and alcohol, later cigarettes, bad relationships, learning to live alone with PTSD and a multilayered food disorder. We are all constantly evolving or devolving. No one stands still, that’s what I believe. Your either moving forward or sliding back, and stagnant is sliding back. Its funny that despite all that experience, I hung onto that theory I heard once decades ago and never questioned it further. I guess that’s just part of the human condition. Its work to get to the bottom of things. I officially started the Ketosis level of the Wahls Protocol yesterday and am thrilled to say that I already am showing .5 ketones (low end). I didn’t think I’d see that despite a couple of screw ups. Yesterday, I ate three meals not the suggested two, one of which had buckwheat. I learned after the fact that buckwheat is something I can’t have anymore. I also learned, after I ate them, that sweet potatoes, which I had cooked this morning are not considered high starch veggies that I can have cooked twice a week, they are grouped with the high, high carb veggies I can’t have at all, oops. I bought dried organic cranberries, I did read before hand that their not allowed on this level, but air headed it. Dried fruit are considered little sugar bombs when working to achieve Ketosis. Forgot that, but I know now. On the other hand, I learned that I only need a 1/2 cup of Kombucha tea for my daily fermented serving, which is mandatory. That will make life easier, I still want to learn to ferment, however its nice to know that $9.60 on two 16 oz bottles of Kombucha tea will give me enough servings for one week and technically take care of all my fermented needs.

Changing a big habit/lifestyle is very hard to do, but not impossible and not forever. What is hardest is that it entails a lot of different habits and new ideas and thinking. So, why am I working so hard on this and working to be so meticulous? Because today, I walked to the bus stop holding my cane without using it half of the way. Its three blocks, so a block and a half. Now, I’m not saying this as if this is a sudden miracle, its not, I walk all the time without my cane in my house and around the pool and gym area at the Southland Leisure Center. But, compared to the condition I was in three and half months ago, it is remarkable. Three months ago, I was using a walker half the time, curtailing my out of home activities, falling repeatedly in the house, sitting in the walker to complete standing activities and I was tired all the time. I haven’t walked ‘out there’ without the use of my cane for three years. What was especially great about it was my confidence, I didn’t step out of the house with the plan to not use it, I stepped out and felt so good, steady and strong that I knew I didn’t need it at first. I was strait in my stature, steady, not tippy at all, I took easy, fairly swift steps. I did fatigue and needed the cane after seven minutes of walking, but holy cow, this is a progressive, getting better healing. I know this is not a cure, but wow! I have very real physical hope for my future, when before, I had only an acceptance of a daily get by mode. I’ll take that with my tea instead of a cookie any day!

Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/marketing-school-business-idea-21696/

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