Ketosis Meals

This is what I had for dinner and this is what I had for lunch:

Wild caught cod pan fried in bacon grease and tarragon, nitrate free bacon, cured olives and salad with avocados, red cabbage, radishes and onion with Balsamic and olive oil. 

The featured picture dinner is organic chicken breast pan fried in coconut oil. I dredged the chicken in a saucer of about 2 tsp’s organic paprika, 1 tsp organic ginger, 1/2 tsp organic onion powder, Himalayan salt and ground pepper (that spice mix was perfect, I will do that again), steamed organic broccoli with ghee, salt and pepper and fried organic mushrooms in ghee, salt and pepper. This was good.

I need to get adjusted to the idea of two meals per day rather than my customary three. I had three today. On days I go to the gym, I bring my breakfast with me, take the water class first and then eat. It puts that meal around 9 am. I either take, cereal with fruit and when I say cereal, I mean seeds and nuts. I had buckwheat (yes, its a seed), hemp hearts and chia seeds with Macadamia nuts, organic strawberries and coconut milk mixed with almond milk. I am proud to say, this was my first foray into the soaking nuts and seed world. I finally got over my fear of it and did it. It was not a big deal, however, it was gross, not the soaked seeds and nuts, but the teaspoon of salt I put in the water and forgot to rinse off. Yick, I ate it though, it was hard, but I did it……Salty! Then I read that in Ketosis, it is a good idea to up water intake (always mandatory) and increase salt to help avoid the Ketosis flu that happens in the first few weeks. I thought, well guess I’m being taken care of, extra salt. Or, I bring a salad, these are keep it simple meals I pack and bring to the gym. What I need to learn to do is not eat till I get home. Tough, I get home around 12 noon. Of course, that only makes the fast better but, I can I tolerate all that exercise on a fast. Guess we’ll find out Thursday.

Bonne Sante

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