Blog Break!

Too much computer work yesterday. After all that I had to do on the computer, reports and whatnot for a non profit I’m secretary for, I turned to my blog and just stared at the screen, after ten minutes I said, “No”. My mind was blank, no words, not two, just one, “No”. So, I honored it.

In preparation for Ketosis, I got the key tone urine test strips from the pharmacist which, it turns out were covered by my medical insurance, wasn’t expecting that. I paid for hair dye at the same time. I said as I caressed the box, “Is this covered too, it helps with my self esteem, which in turn helps my health.” She laughed. I was serious! Anyway, I have been eating up the gluten free pasta and rice crackers (have to get rid of them). I went to the farmers market and had a feast on the fruits I will need to abstain from while in Ketosis and then I ate a bar of 85% cocoa over the course of three days. I can have the cocoa, I just can’t have the little bit of sugar in it. Sugar and high sugar foods, like bananas are out because they will kick you out of ketosis. I had my last banana today, I have nothing here that I can’t have on this diet and I have everything I need to start. Do or die, I’m ready to begin. I’ll wait a couple days before I test my urine. Dr. Wahls says she had results after 48 hours.

My next meal will need to wait till 10 am. That’s a problem tomorrow. I go to the Southland Leisure Center in the morning to swim and use the gym. My schedule is thus, swim class 7:30 to 8:30, then shower, and then I eat breakfast, which will be one hour before I should eat, remember this is all about the fast. I will eat at 9 am tomorrow, because I must. The next time I exercise, I will need to have my last meal one hour earlier. There we go, that’s how we’ll deal with that. Adjustments, adjustments. Just remembered, I did just buy some serious cherries from the organic market, I don’t think a cherry is considered a berry, however it does rhyme, so mayyyyybe. I will look that up right now. Okay, here’s the skinny:

While cherries are closer in size and appearance to berries, they are in fact classified as a fruit. A berry is a small, fleshy fruit produced by a single ovary. They do not contain a stone or a pit, but dozens of seeds can be found embedded into the skin.

I’ve not given up yet, are cherries high in sugar? Answer:


With pits, one cup of sweet cherries has 18 grams of sugar. No wonder it’s so easy to pop them like candy! Fortunately, they may also help you sleep better at night .

Damn! Not only are they high sugar, they are in the top five highest sugar content fruits. Well, I am not ditching these cherries, Ketosis will wait one more day while I consume these serious cherries. Then I’m ready : D


According to Women’s Health Magazine, the five highest fruits are

  • lichee nuts
  • figs
  • cherries
  • grapes
  • mango’s

And lowest sugar are:

  • avocado’s
  • cranberries
  • raspberries
  • blackberries
  • strawberries

This would explain why in terms of fruit we are only allowed 1 cup of berries a day and avocado’s too. Oh my gosh……My cherries, what happened to them, my quart basket is 2/3’s empty. Where is that cat! Oh well, guess I’m eating the cherries tonight, but here is a plus for that, cherries help you sleep, I just read that on the Women’s Health Magazine article. JUSTIFIED!

Bonne Sante


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