Rebuilding Cells

I’ve been grasping the many components of the Wahls Protocol a tiny step at a time with the goal of eventually incorporating level III (Wahls Paleo Plus). I think I am beginning to have a clue as to what it is that is good for MS and other autoimmune illnesses. Important disclaimer: I am only surmising about the science behind level III, these are my unprofessional words, I am not citing, nor repeating. I would suggest that anyone interested in this, read Dr. Wahls Protocol and research these subjects for yourself as I am doing. This is a tool to help me take in all this information, a learning exercise.

Wahls Paleo Plus is a ketosis diet. I never heard of that when I started. Ketosis is a diet that causes your body to burn fat rather than sugar. Historically, the ketosis diet in its strictest form can in some cases stop epileptic seizures especially in children. Doctor Wahls is a lighter version that includes more foods. Which is the reason why it is necessary to test daily with key tone urine strips.

How can a state of ketosis heal? I am beginning to have a clue. It is important to keep sugar levels low by cutting out carbs and foods high in sugar like bananas, potatoes and gluten free flours and rice. Meals are dropped down to two per day with a 16 hour fast and an 8 hour eating period, basically at the beginning and end of the eight hour period. The eating schedule would go something like this, last meal before 6 pm, nothing to eat till 10 am with a break the fast meal. Dietary supplements include digestive aids, such as enzymes, fermented cod liver oil, fermented foods, soaked nuts, and a meticulous diet. What happens to the body in the fasting state is where the “magic” happens. If the body isn’t constantly bogged down digesting unending food it will go after amino acids and clean out deep “files” for fuel, what it takes it returns in the form of new cells. That is how it heals. Ketosis is also a “brain” diet. Thinking is sharper on it, this is a big one for me, most people with MS have whats called the MS fog. I have a number of lesions that effect my cognitive thinking. A diet that improves brain function sounds good to me.

Reading is one of my cognitive issues. I was once an avid reader and ripped through books every two or three days. But, while I do comprehend what I am reading, I get fatigued reading after just a few pages and I find that I need to reread the paragraph often. Be nice for this one to go away or improve, so far there’s no change with this. The way I am tackling the Wahls Protocol book is by studying the chapter as I begin to incorporate it into my life. I am beginning to learn what the deal is with fermented foods and I am preparing for ketosis by understanding it better.

Remember, I am writing this on memory and formed understandings, some of this is based on Wahls book, online chats with people experienced with the diet and articles written about ketosis dieting, therefore, my information is not authoritative at all because my conclusions my include misunderstanding and my memory flawed. This is simply a tool to help me get the ins and outs.

Finally, it sounds ridiculous maybe to be so detailed. Is it normal to live this way? No, its not, but its not normal to live with MS either. This is medicine for me and it is working.  I figure this will get a little easier as it become rote. TIME. That word again, sigh. Well, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” That’s what I believe and it works for me too.

Bonne Sante


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