I am feeling better today. Slept for 11 hours and scheduled nothing outside of home. I got a lot done and am feeling less overwhelmed. Got caught up on housework, paperwork, phone calls and misc. organizing. I went through the vitamins and figured out, what, cost, when and source. I am still in progress on a few of them, but here is what I came up with:


As suggested in the Wahls Protocol book on page 283

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Green Pastures – Rosita Real Food – $44 for 118-2-gram servings (almost 4 months) Note: I have been taking fish oil as noted below and vitamin E (which is only necessary if taking fish oil instead of this). Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a) better for you and b) half the price. I hadn’t realized that till I added it all up.

$11 a month plus shipping and tax

Hawaiian Spirulina Gandalf – Sunnyside Market (seek better source) – $40 for 150 capsules (2 and half months)

$16 a month (Find a better source)

Folic Acid Jamieson – Shoppers – $5.47 for 100-1000 mcg/1 mg tablets – (3 months and 10 days)

less than $2 a month

Calcium Citrate Bayer Citracal – Shoppers – $16.99 for 60 – 313 mg caps – (2 months)

$8.50 a month

Enzymes Life – Shoppers – $11.99 for 60 – dose 4 or more capsules – (15 days, not good, seek better source)

$22 a month (gotta find a cheaper source for this one)

Vitamin D3 drops Bioclinic – Health Palace – $18.99 plus shipping for 500 drops – (60 days)

$9.50 a month

B12 methylcobalamin Webber Naturals – Shoppers – $14.49 for 80 1000 mcg sublingual (2 months and 20 day)

$5.40 a month

Balanced Complex E mixed tocopherol Jamieson – Shoppers – $15.39 for 120 400 IU if taking fish oil – (4 mo)

$3.85 a month

*Wild Alaskan Salmon and Fish Oil EPA/DHA Webber Naturals – Save on foods – $12.99 for 180 300 mg 6 per day (20 days) seek a better source – note if I buy green pastures, I will be dropping this and vitamin e for a savings of $50.00 wow! That’s that, buy green pastures next month!

$18.50 a month

Desiccated Liver Trophic – – $17.99 for 180 tabs 4 per day – (45 days)

$12 a month

Magnesium Glycinate Liquid – Genestra Brands (seek online source) – Shoppers behind the pharmacy counter – $39.99 for 450 ml –1 Tbsp – 15 ml per day – (30 days)

$40.00 a month (need to find a cheaper source)

Coenzyme Q10 natural factors – Health Palace – source at shoppers – $20.99 for 150 100 mg caps – 2 per day – (2 months plus 15 days)

$8.40 a month

134.80 total a month using fermented cod liver oil instead of vitamin E and fish oil

146.15 total a month using vitamin E and fish oil instead of fermented cod liver oil

Both these figures are still really high for me, I’d need to whittle the cost down further, a work in progress. Talk about an education in the world of supplements!

I printed this off and posted it with the vitamins. Getting there!


Bonne Sante

Picture from Pexels:


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