Mental Break

Yup, definitely overwhelmed. I need to back off a bit. I am still trucking along, but feeling a fatigue pinch from over thinking. First off, over thinking is a lifetime problem for me, add to that cognitive damage and it can drag me down if I am not careful.  I need a few airhead days. On the positive side of this problem is a lifetime love of learning, research and perfectionism. And with that, a lifetime of imbalance, overwork and obsessiveness. Balance, soooo hard! I am on a very limited income being on disability, I do not drive anymore because of cognitive problems and I live alone. One limited income. I spent $310.00 today at Shoppers Drug Mart, of which $200.00 was on supplements recommended by Dr. Wahls. Granted most of these will last 2, 3 and 4 months. I need to sit down, list them, tally them and break them down to a monthly cost to give you and me the most accurate financial picture. What helped me to make this purchase was the Shoppers’ points program, I had $240.00 in saved points. Because of Copaxone and strategic purchasing, I managed this in four months. Now, you see what I mean by overthinking. Obviously considering what I’ve just disclosed, I won’t be making this tally tonight, I will be going to bed immediately after finishing my blog and thinking of airy dreams as my swollen brain hits my pillow and I make a point of thinking of nothing important.

That said, I wish you all a relaxing, restful and peaceful night, because that is what I am going to have.

Bonne Sante

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