For those who have Dr. Wahls Protocol book, there is a section on e-stim in Chapter 9 Exercise and Electricity under the heading: E-Stim starting at the bottom of page 253.


Okay, got the email off to AISH for reimbursement approval today. This is the unit I am requesting assistance with:

Super Stim 4 Channel Digital Tens/EMS

A link to Wikipedia about Electrical Muscle Stimulation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_muscle_stimulation

Here’s hoping it falls into place, very excited about beginning rehabilitation on this drop foot leg of mine.

Today is better than yesterday in terms of mood. I did all that I said I would do to get myself out of that negative head space I put myself into yesterday. Had a lovely walk in the pouring rain this morning that I thoroughly enjoyed. Feeling productive again. I am a bit overwhelmed cognitively and need to back off a little and go easy. Making a lot of forgetful mistakes in the last week. Too much on my plate I think, to much thinking. I got that, “I want it all now”, drive. I need to remind myself, again, that Rome was not built in a day!


For now, Bonne Sante


5 thoughts on “E-Stim

  1. I’m very interested to know how u make out with that e-stem. I too have foot drop on my right foot. Where do u put the pads ?


    1. I am going to a physical therapist to learn. Every case is individual, for example my foot drop problem originates from my left hip, but have atrophy in other sections of that leg now. You need a physical therapist to help you.


  2. I used e-stim in inpatient rehab; I lost the use of my right leg after contracting septicemia from a strep infection. I t was quite effective. I would like to try for my drop foot, which is unrelated to my illness. Going to speak with my neuro.


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