Ups and Downs

Today was a mix of emotions. I swam and exercised this morning, that always makes me feel good. My walking is getting better. Someone mentioned in the Wahls Facebook Group about direction given her from her physical therapist for her drop foot to make sure that she work to heel strike her foot when she walked. I have been practicing this the last three days and it does make a big difference. I hadn’t noticed that I no longer did this with my drop leg. I walk and say every other step, “Heel strike……………heel strike.” Aside from a good fall this morning that caused me a minor injury to my left elbow, it is working. This morning’s “trip” was my right foot catching, I was so busy concentrating on the left to heel strike. Gotta watch that.

I came home and began preparing paperwork I need to email to my AISH worker for coverage of the electrical stimulation device and physical therapist I need to rehab this leg. I have everything I need, but got overwhelmed. I scanned the prescriptions and the chapter in the Wahls Protocol on e-stim. I also scanned my daughter’s wonderful letter to her parents at graduation to email to her father, then I couldn’t separate the letter from the documents I meant to send to my worker. I needed to re-scan it all again, but separately. I have a letter attached to an email explaining how this will aid me for the AISH worker from my neurologist and couldn’t download the letter. It was downloaded, not as the letter, but taken apart into fifty separate files. I went to Cosco that has the machine I am requesting financial assistance for and found two machines, one is wireless and the other the original the MS physical therapist recommended. The wireless one sells for $600 from the maker, but only $100 from Cosco. Both require the electrode pads be replenished every two months or less at a cost of $40.00. Not knowing which one I should choose, I put in a call to the MS therapist to please give me a call about this. I am waiting for a call back from her. Next, not having a membership to shop at Cosco, I looked into what I need to do. I thought a membership for online shopping will be good for other things as well. It is $60.00 a year. Then I learned that Cosco doesn’t except Visa Debit which is the only way I can order online, I don’t want a credit card. Ugh, complicated! I started out with the simple act of pulling these documents together along with the page of the recommended machine from Cosco and nothing fell into place. This sent me into a tailspin and I quit working on it and just watched TV and allowed myself to be depressed. I say allowed, because I could’ve taken a different action, but chose to ‘sit’ in it instead. What I won’t do is let this go beyond this day. I will go out early morning and I will find my strength and finish putting this together. My strength will come from a meditation tonight and tomorrow morning where I will ask for help and I will attend a support group tomorrow morning and that will straighten my head out.

On the positive, I exercised and ate well today. Like Scarlett O’hara’s dramatic declaration, “….for tomorrow is another day!”

Bonne Sante


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