Having absolutely no idea how to ferment or what fermentation is all about. I’ve been hesitant to try doing it. I have a fear of mold and rotten food. Dr. Wahls does explain about soaking nuts and fermenting foods, but one word about mold and I don’t want to try it. I went to the local Farmers Market where there was a booth selling homemade fermented products. She also teaches workshops, I asked about a workshop, but she wasn’t doing any for six months or more. She had this book, all marked and full of notes and slips of paper. She described it as her “Fermenting Bible”. I ordered the book from Amazon.ca and I received it yesterday. Great book! Helping me to lose my fear. Well explained and illustrated. I didn’t expect a section on soaking nuts, but there it was. Happy about that, this book is what I needed to help me understand what it is that I am doing and appease my fears. With this order were my desiccated liver pills. Just can’t adjust to eating organ meat. These pills are acceptable to take the place of that. I took them yesterday and today and so far, I have no adverse reactions (apparently some people do). So, that’s good. I purchased Hawaiian Spirulina from the local Natural Market, that was a mistake. I paid $37.00 for Spirulina with a filler added. This will be far more affordable online. Gettin’ there, a little at a time. Now, my next step in preparation for Paleo Plus is to purchase ketone urine strips, begin soaking nuts and fermenting. I am eating more fermented foods, enough to consider it adequately incorporated into my diet (at least one serving a day). For now, I can begin dropping foods I won’t be able to have on this phase. They include:

  • Bananas, apples and pears
  • Fruit limited to one cup of berries a day
  • No more soy
  • No more servings of Gluten Free grains or products, rice and white potatoes
  • Only two servings of starchy cooked vegetables such as sweet potatoes and squash per week and only with 1 full tablespoon of coconut fat
  • Increase fat to a mandatory 5 tablespoons of coconut oil or one full can of full fat coconut milk per day
  • Decrease vegetables and fruits from nine cups a day to six cups (2 sulpher, 2 greens and 2 colored)
  • Decrease protein to 6 to 12 oz, according to size and gender

I can live without pears and apples, but banana’s, that’s a tough one. Banana’s are full of sugar and will take me out of ketosis. I use them in smoothies, I will need to rethink my smoothies. Berries are no problem, that’s mostly what I do eat for fruit. Potatoes, love em, I have already let go of rice, I had found that it affects me the day after eating rice, so I stopped buying it, no problem there. But potatoes, sadness. I can have blue potatoes twice a week cooked or sweet potatoes or squash. Otherwise, the rest of the time, I can have starchy veggies raw. I will need to begin getting into the habit of eating only twice a day with long fasting times in between.

This really is quite the commitment and journey, but the results are well worth it and like anything, eventually I will have all these new habits well incorporated into my life and understand that it will take time.  T……i……m…….e    Oh, how we hate that word. I live in an apartment, but it has a large deck that runs the length of the apartment. Next year, I want to start growing herbs and veggies. That’s a future goal that will help offset some of the cost and of course, if I’m growing it, I know it doesn’t have herbicides in it. Big problem will be starter plants in the house and my cat….da da daaaaaaaa (ominous music). She loves to eat plants. This is a project that is just beginning to germinate in my head and not something I need spend a lot of thinking right now, got enough on my plate.

Upwards and onward!

Bonne Sante

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