Exciting new cooling technology

I have had heat sensitivity since 2003. It was the first symptom I got and believe me, in the summer, its a real downer. I am always looking for ways to control this problem. This is new technology from EMBR Labs based in Boston, MA. The Wristify is not for sale yet, but close. Hopefully, it won’t cost the Earth to buy. Below is a picture explaining how it works. I carry manual fans, but I lost them all. I use a neck tie that when wet helps keep me cool. Every three hours it is necessary to soak the neck tie for 20 minutes. I have a camping style cooling vest. It has five-three ice pack sleeves that insert into five slots in the vest. Two vertically in front and three horizontally in the back for a total of 15 ice packs. Can you say life preserver. Not attractive and in some situations down right weird. For example, an amusement park on an 85 degree day, wearing a winter vest. Ice packs are kept in the fridge till ready to use and last approximately four hours. And as you can imagination make the vest weight a ton. I have a small water sprayer complete with a battery operated mini-fan. In the summer I schedule as much as possible early in the morning and make a point of going out everyday so that I don’t feel trapped. I have air conditioners and a good fan and blackout curtains. This is one of the symptoms that I am praying goes away or at least lessens. In the mean time, to be able to simply slip a stylish bracelet on to stay cool? I am down with that. Here is the explanation from EMBR Labs:


By the way, any Marketers looking for a career change in Boston, Massachusetts, EMBR Labs is hiring. Position: Head of Marketing

Bonne Sante


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