Everybody has a story

He was filthy, over dressed in hot scruffy jeans and a long sleeved shirt you couldn’t tell the original color because of the dirt and a winter vest. He had heavy boots with no socks. His hair was salt and pepper and he had beautiful curls even at 69 years old. I could smell a faint reek of alcohol, he had a strong Native accent. I sat next to him as I waited for a cab with my full grocery cart of super healthy, whole, fresh, grass fed and organic foods. I smiled and he smiled back, after five minutes he seemed to muster his nerve and asked me if I had a loonie so he could get something to eat. I never have cash on me because I pay for everything with debit, but today I had two fives. I gave him one. He began to apologize for his condition and I said, “Its okay, you don’t have to explain.” He said, “You know, I’m not Native, I’m an Eskimo.” I replied interested that I’d never met an Eskimo before. He said, “I fought in Vietnam. I was there in 68.” I listened politely, intently really. He explained, “I was shot through my side and out my back and a bullet went through my hand and shattered my wrist.”, he rolled back his long sleeve and showed me the bullet entry and exit scars. His wrist was gnarled, and horribly bent. I said, “Thank you for your sacrifice and I am so sorry.” He said, “I can sing”. And he sang a soulful ballad, just two verses. He was truly wonderful. I spy’d my cab as it turned into the parking lot a little sad that my time with this man was almost over. He explained, “I have a brother who is an actor but, I don’t see him anymore.” My cab stopped. I wished him good fortune and I thanked him for the lovely song. A priceless ten minutes for five dollars. Everybody has a story.

Gratitude set me up for that experience. I don’t generally pay any mind to the homeless, I look away and mumble as I pass them by. I’ve been experiencing a return of fatigue since coming home from Quebec. I was afraid that this progress is as good as it can get. I couldn’t be as vigilant in Quebec, especially in restaurants. I got back, determined to be strict with my diet, except for one slip that caused me distress for three days. Got right back to being strict and finally today, the fatigue broke and I felt strong again. Its the food, it really is the food. I want to keep getting better, strict is what I must be and I need to get my act together and get going on the Paleo Plus level. I spent $220.00 in food, that included $38.00 on Hawaiian Spiralina, which I have to take back because it is 2/3’s beta carotene. I need 100% Spiralina. I walked around the grocery store buying my expensive food thinking, “Oh my God, this is so much money!” Then reminded myself that God’s got my back. My bills are paid and this is for my health. Then I welled up with gratitude! I was feeling so good physically. I spent four hours at the Southland Leisure Centre, came home, made a couple phone calls and went to the coffee shop, the Natural Market and Safeway in 30 C/90 F weather, then waited for my cab outside with no notice of the high temperatures. I had exited the grocery store filled to the brim with gratitude and sat down next to a disheveled, broken man who asked me for a loonie to get something to eat. That ten minutes turned out to be the highlight of my whole day.

“As I give to others you bless me with more.”

Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/city-man-person-people-35183/

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