I had a very productive and active early morning to early afternoon, then did mostly nothing. I don’t watch much TV these days, but binge watched a series most of the afternoon. I am a jeweler, the practice of which is very meditative for me. I haven’t touched my work space since I started the Wahls Protocol three months ago except to make my daughter jewelry for her Prom. When I am away from it this long, its like not exercising for three months. I drag my feet, but when I finally get going on it, I’m happy I started and kick myself for waiting so long. I’m in the dragging feet phase. I will get to it, just not today.

I am looking forward to going to the Southland Leisure Centre tomorrow for swim class and the gym. Love exercising. I have suffered from depression most of my young life. Literally, I remember feeling depressed at four years old. My mother would impersonate me when I was a teen in the 1970’s, “I’m depressed!” For whatever reason, she thought it was funny the way I said it. This was a daily statement for me. I had horrific postpartum  depressions with both my children. I have been diagnosed with lifetime Dyphoric depression by a Harvard Psychologist in 2005. I have never taken any drugs to treat this condition. I have considered them at various times, but have always opted for holistic means. I belong to a group that lives a positive and spiritual lifestyle. That has helped most of all. In my first year learning this new way of thinking I had to face my propensity for depression and do something about it. It was a situation that I had never known how to deal with. Part of this way of life was to turn to a Higher Power for direction. After a particularly bad stretch, I was desperate enough to utilize this source of Power even though I didn’t believe in it. What happened was the overwhelming thought to get out of the house. I didn’t shower, I didn’t take care of home errands (which weren’t getting done anyway), I took my four year old son and drove to the lake twenty minutes away. As my son and I walked the ancient looking path around the lake, we pretended we were explorers looking for artifacts from lost civilizations. The sun, the smells, the walking caused me to be fully present in the moment, enabling me to enjoy my sons company. I began going to the lake daily for an hour walk everyday after that. I joined gyms and committed to a consistent schedule of exercise. To sum up, I do these four things:

  • Live a lifestyle that includes positive thinking and a Higher Power
  • Exercise on a consistent basis
  • Exercise my creativity
  • Most importantly, help others with what I’ve learned

These actions have made it possible for me to stay out of depression. When I stop doing these things, depression reenters my life. I don’t like that horrible feeling. I do like the feeling I have when I exercise and the feeling of gratitude from working to think positively and the calm, quiet of creating beaded works of art and the message that I also reiterate to myself when I share these answers with others. See this is the way that I will motivate myself to get back to my beading. What I listed above, particularly exercise, meditation and positive thinking are all components of the Wahls Protocol as well. It isn’t just the diet it is these three factors also. I already know from experience how important they are. Now I’ve got a fifth proponent of the puzzle, what I eat. It all works together.

Bonne Sante


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