Monthly Wahls to do list

Just updated my monthly symptoms page. I want to create graphs with all the information I am documenting at the end of my first year on the Wahls Protocol. Exercised this morning. That felt so good after two weeks absence. I am at these stages of work to heal:

In preparation for the Wahls Paleo Plus ketosis level:

  • Ordered the book Mastering Fermentation.
  • Ordered desiccated liver pills (to take the place of eating organ meat).
  • Need to research dehydrators. I need to begin soaking nuts and making my own nut milks.
  • Need to order Sea Algae.
  • Need to prepare myself to stop eating banana’s, drop my 1 tsp of sugar a day, stop all gluten free grains and cooked starchy vegetables (we can only eat them raw on that level).
  • Need to prepare myself for the idea of eating only twice a day with long fasts in between (can’t begin that till I actually begin that level).
  • Need to purchase urine strips

Then, I think that it will be safe to say, that I will finally be ready to start Wahls Paleo Plus and put myself into ketosis.

In preparation for Neurological Electrical Muscle Stimulation (e-stim):

  • I have the prescriptions I need.
  • Need to have the device before I start physical therapy.
  • Need to call AISH to see if they will cover the cost of buying the machine.
  • Then once I have the machine in my possession, then I will make my first appointment for rehab.

In preparation for supplements and level monitoring:

  • I need to make an appointment with my family doctor to go over lab results from my recent physical.
  • Need to make an appointment with True North to see if this will help me financially with the supplements.
  • Need to replenish the probiotics.
  • Waiting for desiccated liver pills to be delivered.

In preparation for further household detoxing:

  • I did purchase an all natural toothpaste.
  • Need to write up the basic recipes for shampoos, soaps, cleaning solvents, toothpaste and moisturizers and tack them up where I can see them.
  • Need to stock the house with what I need for the above.
  • I did try a 50% less toxic hair dye which only damaged my hair. I need to ask the Wahls Facebook group what others have had success with.

Whew!!! Lot of work, one day at a time!

Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels:



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