I attended a meet up this morning and felt myself physically crashing. I begged out of plans for Canada Day today and went home. I’m taking it easy and relaxing. Flew home two days ago and spent the day out yesterday catching up on shopping and errands, haven’t really had a chance to just chill. If there’s one thing I’ve learned having MS, its to respect my body when it tells me to stop. I stop. Feeling better now. Looking forward to exercise tomorrow. I didn’t do much of that while on vacation, just didn’t do it. Exercise is a favorite activity for me and being a depressive sort, it also acts as a natural anti-depressant.

I spoke yesterday about Joaquin Phoenixes’, “What the health?” documentary on Netflix. I spent some time cross checking information. I briefly read Joaquin’s background and learned that he is a dedicated and staunch animal activist and a vegan since he was three years old. That creates a bias that would make it difficult for him to consider meat as a source of food because of his beliefs. Overcoming MS in Australia uses a vegan approach that works too. The bottom line is clean and fresh food. I chose Dr. Wahls to follow because of its clear cut direction (which I need) and I find it has the most dramatic turn around with the Ketosis level, which I am working up to. Its all good. But that is the problem with his documentary, it has a jaded slant and uses fear mongering to get its point across, some of the information is pushed with emotion, not fact, which is why it doesn’t feel right. Compare with, “Whats with wheat.” A polished documentary presented in a scholarly way, every statement backed up with a clear, unconvoluted and consistent theme, i.e. No hidden agendas such as animal activism. I read, I cross checked, and looked for motives to better have an informed opinion. I did begin a discussion in the Wahls Facebook group, a member shared this article, which helped me further sort out the information. I think Mr. Phoenix would do better to simply make a documentary about why people should not harm animals for any reason, that would be true to how he really feels. And then, for me, it would have more validity. 

I encourage you to watch both documentaries, read the article and anything else you feel that helps you come to an informed opinion. Once you do that, you may or may not agree with my conclusion.

Bonne Sante


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