Food Fears

I am having a lot of healing and strangely overcoming food fears and fixed ideas about food is part of it. Raised on white fish and shell fish, I couldn’t stomach the thought of eating Salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel, etc. Unfortunately for me, these are the fish with the highest amounts of Omega 3’s and an absolute necessity on Wahl’s levels II and III.  I decided that out of that list of fish, salmon would be the one I could deal with force feeding myself. Sounds ridiculous to say it that way, but when you dislike something that much, that’s what the first time amounts to. I survived, it wasn’t great and I needed to pour maple syrup and veganaise on every bite, but I did survive the salmon ordeal. And have since learned to “almost” like it without the sugar and veganaise, What I do now is bake it with balsamic vinegar, garlic and fresh tarragon. Yum. Did you see that, I said, “Yum!”

Scallops were one of my favorite foods as a kid. While salmon and sardines are highest in omega 3’s, scallops are up there too, and is a significant source for B12 and other important nutrients. So, what is my problem with them? I had a bad batch at age 13 that left me the sickest I’ve ever been for two days. I haven’t had a scallop since. But, I do love the way they taste, more than salmon. Yesterday, I had my first scallops and they were delectable. I told myself, I was used to deep fried scallops back then, the scallops that made me sick were obviously bad tasting, but it was my first time eating baked and I just figured baked doesn’t taste good. I know better now. I had a serving of scallops yesterday and today, and I am still alive and not sick.

Organ meat, this is also an absolute necessity on Wahls levels II and III. The closest I could come to trying organ meat was liverwurst. I did okay the first time, but the second and the third, couldn’t stomach it. This one I did throw the towel in on and just accepted that its not happening. I learned that I can take desiccated liver pills instead. That’s what it will need to be. Interesting though, is this, raw oysters are included under organ meat. I love raw oysters. There is a place not far from here that serves East Coast oysters (gotta be East Coast) and has a special on them every Tuesday. I’d like to get in the habit of having a plate of them on Tuesday’s. Hasn’t happened yet, but it is in the back of my mind.

Fermented foods, soaking nuts and mold. The worst taste in the world to me is mold. I needed to get over my fear of this to even consider trying homemade fermented foods and soaked nuts, another absolute necessity on Wahls levels II and III. I must confess, I have only soaked nuts and consumed them once. I’m still working on that one, but it is so important, that I will get over it, its in my head for one thing. And the fermented foods, will be in the doing that will help me gain confidence there. For now, I purchase cold fermented Kombucha tea, fermented pickles and I use nutritional yeast in smoothies and make Ramasen, a Parmesan cheese knock off made with nutritional yeast, walnuts and salt. It doesn’t taste anything like Parmesan cheese (this once having been one of my favorite foods), but it is good in its own rite.

Seaweed and algae, another weird food foreign to me. I have not graduated to eating it, but I do take Hawaiian Spirulina in capsule form every day. That is an acceptable alternative.

Sugar, not having it anymore in any form. Tough one, but I am learning. Your taste buds do change, they really do. I am well adjusted to this now.

Increased fats, the right kind of fats and lots of them, which are coconut oil, animal fat, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, etc. I am a child of the 70’s and I remember one of the first commercials that caused the initial scare to not eat these fats. I’ll describe one, in this commercial is a very cute blonde woman with long hair, serving her lumber jack style burly husband his dinner. She is serving him directly from a caste iron pan that has at least a cup of oil in it, she smiles and says, “I love you, Honey.” or just looks at him adoringly, can’t remember anymore. The narrator states, or words come on the screen telling that she is killing him with the oil, and is responsible if he has a heart attack, so said the American Heart Association. OMG, the sexism back then!  I have learned a few things about this on my journey and I for one am shocked at the truth, which I will not get into here. But, I had to do a lot of undoing to get over my fixed beliefs that these fats are bad, there not. Of course, one of the differences being, I am eating a ton of fresh vegetables and fruits along side those fats. Wahls level III, mandatory, five and a half tablespoons of coconut oil or a full can of full fat coconut milk or mixes of the fats above with coconut fats being dominant. I am successfully doing this as evidenced by the fact that I am in Ketosis, but I’ll be honest, I feel naughty eating that much fat.

No dairy, I didn’t find it overly difficult to quit dairy. There are so many comparable substitutes these days, like almond milk and coconut milk, that I really don’t miss it. And I feel so much better without, I don’t want it.

Gluten, this is a gluten free lifestyle, Wahls levels I and II, I was okay with because I could potatoes, rice and gluten free flours, but level III, no more. That is tough, on the other hand, something funny is happening, I am craving raw veggies on this diet and I don’t really miss the carbs and yams are a no unless raw, but I have found that I don’t have problem eating them in sauteed with coconut oil. Once or twice a week, I have those. Gluten is the other major change that has impacted me deeply health wise. Gluten is bad news for me. I don’t miss that.

There’s always more, I could go on, but I like to keep my blogs brief, this is a long one for me. I also updated my Monthly Symptoms page.

Food is medicine

Bonne Sante


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Four months and going strong!

I had a MRI today, it had been ordered after three visits to the ER over the course of six weeks. It is the most thorough one I’ve had since 2005, lower back, mid back, neck and brain. I am four months on the Protocol and this MRI brought me back to the motivation that got me dedicated to this path in the first place. I had progressed terribly this past winter, really the last four years, but worst of all last winter. I was relying more and more on a walker and was enduring horrible pain from spasticity and sciatica. The MRI was ordered the beginning of March and I began Dr. Wahls Protocol March 27. My lower back was ordered along with my brain and upper spine because I was having horrible weakness in my lower back and wanted to rule out spine problems. I was not sure if it was that or MS. Over the course of adhering to the Protocol, my lower back weakness has all but vanished. I was desperate at the beginning of March and here we are July 30, a little over four months later, I was setting up chairs effortlessly tonight at a meeting! God, I am so grateful. Thank you God, thank you Dr. Wahls!

This MRI will make an interesting baseline in a year. I’d like to compare this one with the one I had done a year ago.

Tomorrow I update my symptoms page!


Bonne Sante


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Take that!

If you imagine that the guy in the picture is multiple sclerosis, and the girl is me, and the gloves are Dr. Wahls Protocol, then you get how I am feeling. I feel so empowered! Yesterday morning I measured 1.5, this morning it was 4. on the ketone strip and I feel good, not sick at all. I did need to adjust my food amount to a lesser amount. I’m getting a feel for this, eventually this will become second nature. Today was 27 Celsius and humid. I wasn’t sick, I handled it okay. I was hot and uncomfortable, but not devastated as I would normally be out in hot weather. That’s improving and that’s amazing! Hey, multiple Sclerosis………..take that! Ha!

After four months on the Wahls Protocol I am gaining the ability to track what I’m eating in my head without using the tracker I created to help me keep track of the many components of this regime. I keep the tracker up to double check from time to time, roughly weekly, to make sure I am on track. It is easier to track my daily intake of food on level III, because there is less I must consume in meat and vegetables. I take my organ meat and algae in pill form and I am drinking a 1/2 cup a day of fermented Kombucha Tea as my daily serving, I will sometimes have fermented pickles or nutritional yeast as well. I’ve habits in meditation, exercise and positive thinking well ingrained and integrated into my life before I began the Protocol, although I did double my exercise. I’ve changed over my cleaning products, soaps and bath ingredients. I’ve invested in a few essential oils. I still need to buy castille soap to make my own shampoo, for now, I bought a slightly better cheap shampoo sans some chemicals and dyes. My own is better though. I still need a filtered water pitcher and I dream of a Vitamix. I have a Ninja Professional, which is excellent for smoothies, no complaints about its performance. However, now that I’m on level three, I really need to invest in the aforementioned Vitamix. Here’s the difference in cost: $150 for the Ninja, $650 for the Vitamix. What do I need a Vitamix for? On this level, its vital. I need to be soaking nuts to eat them, which also means that I can’t drink nut milks or eat nut butters from the grocery store. This machine can make nut milks and nut butter from the nuts that I soak, it also can act as a food processor and chop vegetables, smoothies or course, and even puree hot soups. It is on the future list.


Bonne Sante


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Imagery: I’ve prepared everything for my first day on my new job the night before. I set the alarm an hour and a half before work starts at 8 am. I don’t have far to travel, my job is close by. I need to do a good meditation and take my time getting ready. My job is not specific, it is rather an amalgamation of jobs that I could do well at, its sales, its people oriented, its managing day to day operations, its creative, its good pay, it has benefits, its not boring nor is is it routed to one spot within its building, it feeds my intellectual side, and most important it has purpose. That is where I see myself at the end of my first year on the Dr. Wahls Protocol – “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

I am not religious, but rather spiritual. You can be religious and spiritual, you can be religious and not be spiritual, likewise, you can be agnostic and be spiritual or you can be a staunch atheist and not be spiritual at all, on the other hand, I knew a man, a “Townie” from Charlestown, Boston. He was a tough old Irish man. He was also 100% atheist, a personal fact that he loved to yell from the roof tops every chance he got, yet at the same time, he was the most spiritual guy in the room. Because he was tapped into whatever it is we need to be tapped into. I can’t explain it any better than that, I have a dear friend, she’s the same way. The statement above came to me when I became open minded about seeking life’s lessons anywhere I am directed to seek them. A closed mind, shuts a lot of doors, whether its a closed mind against people, art, religion, social studies or science. I want to keep my mind as open as I can, lest I miss something important.

That open mind brought me to this passage when my self esteem was dirt. And it empowered me like no other. That was 23 years ago. Soon after discovering this statement, I learned that I had a gift for organizing events and in the next year managed several events successfully. I was inspired to start a sober festival, a multifaceted camping event with live music and workshops. The first year, we kept it to one day, it was a success, in that those who did attend raved about it. However, we budgeted for 500 and only 200 attended, meaning we took a significant loss. We worked hard that year to fund raise in the form of dances, dinners, grants, and flea markets, enough to get the event prepared for its second year, which was now three days and two nights. We did all that we could to be prepared, but still fear gripped me when it came time for tickets to begin selling. I went to our P.O. box everyday and there was nothing, then the first ticket order. On the sender address label on the envelope was a statement in italics, it said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” And all my fear melted away. In that moment, I knew we were going to be alright. We budgeted for 1,000 people attending and 1,500 came. We paid our debt and had the money necessary to set up the next year. That was 1997, the event is still running. I only stayed till 1998 before moving to Canada.

Several things happened, I stopped drinking and drugging two years before I stumbled upon that statement, I opened my mind, I worked very hard, and I believed that anything was possible if you work hard, and it was meant to be. Well, that’s how I feel about getting well, working a meaningful job, and driving again. I am working hard, my mind is open to the information, and I believe that if there is purpose, money or no money, Multiple Sclerosis, or no Multiple Sclerosis, even though I haven’t worked full time since 2004, I believe in the possibilities and will continue to work towards these goals, because I think its possible, because, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


Bonne Sante


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Life is Funny

I was wired for sound yesterday I had so much energy. The problem with that is it makes it hard to sleep. Suffice it to say, I didn’t sleep much last night. The lack of sleep did effect me today. My ketones this morning were 1.5 which is good. I figure, realistically, that it will take me some time to get my food intake, sleep and levels all in sync and adjusted to. At first, I wasn’t eating enough and now, I think I’m eating too much. Adjust, adjust, adjust. This is what will take some time. I will wake up and do my best everyday. I told a friend, this is the first time I’m on a diet that I have to eat more fat, more salt and eat an ounce of chocolate everyday. Bahhhhahahhahahahahahaha! Who knew?!

The fat should be mostly coconut oil and coconut milk with olive oil, ghee and bacon grease or other animal fat thrown in, the salt should be sea salt or better Pink Himalayan salt, and the chocolate, which has Magnesium I need on this ketosis diet, should be 90% dark chocolate. Lindt makes one and it melts in your mouth, it just isn’t sweet. I don’t miss the sweet, I’m happy with it the way it is. I read up on making yogurt that I can eat and its not hard to do. It has two ingredients, full fat coconut milk and probiotics, from what I understand, you end up with a deeply creamy yogurt consistency reminiscent of Greek Yogurt. I need to find cheese cloth to cover it while it sits out for 12 to 24 hours fermenting. Psyched, I didn’t think I’d ever have yogurt again. Most of what has been taken has been given back, but better and good for you. I’m drinking Synergy brand divine grape kombucha tea, a fermented drink, and its like drinking soda. I have a half cup a day. Life is funny.

Bonne Sante


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Ketone Monitoring

I think I got the ketosis deal down. Full of energy today. Ketones measured this morning and they were down to a manageable 1.5, so, it is true that night time is higher than morning. Therefore, I will be measuring in the morning from now on. Many say in the group that urine strips aren’t very reliable in showing accurate levels, some test using a meter for that, which requires a blood sample. I looked up information for a meter to see what this entails and if I can afford one and came across this:

[How to Interpret the Results for Ketogenic Diets

If you are new to ketogenic diets and have a goal of nutritional ketosis (often defined as between 0.5 and 3 mmol/L), know that it can take two to four weeks to get consistently into this range. It often takes a fair amount of tweaking to figure out what you can and can’t eat, even for people who are low-carb veterans.

The ketone meter was developed to alert people with insulin-dependent diabetes to the signs of dangerous diabetic ketoacidosis. However, if you do not have diabetes and are on a ketogenic diet, you are using it for a different reason entirely. In this case, high ketones are not a sign of high blood glucose, are not caused by protein breakdown, and are not toxic. For detailed information about nutritional ketosis, check out the books by Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney: “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” and  “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance.”]

After last nights high reading, this was a relief. I am gaining confidence as I understand how I should be feeling and what I need to do to get there and stay there. The meter Nova Max sells in the $40.00 range, not bad. What is bad are the ketone strips which sell for $20.00 for just 10 strips! That’s expensive. The needles are less expensive, around $15.00 for 100. Think I’ll be sticking with the less accurate urine ketone strips.

My glasses:  I went for an appointment today and was told that I can’t go till September if I want it covered. Guess I’m waiting till September. In the mean time, I bought reading glasses at Shoppers. They now have reading glasses that have three vision fields in them. One is for reading, middle one for computer and top one for distance. That’s a good temporary fix. They were $36.00. Not wearing my regular glasses caused me to discover a new milestone today. I don’t wear sunglasses because my prescription glasses include transitions. I began wearing transitions because switching from sunglasses to prescription caused me to lose three pairs of prescription glasses and so many sun glasses I was buying them at the Dollar Store. This became a problem after a MS attack caused damage to the cognitive section of my brain and weakened my short term memory. So, what is the new milestone? I have had a sensitivity to sunlight and vision almost 10 years, it started during the cognitive attack.  I cannot tolerate bright sun without sunglasses, (this is a symptom I didn’t think to add to my symptoms page. I will be sure to update that on the first). Today was a hot, bright, sunny day. I had no prescription transition glasses to wear and I do not own a pair of sunglasses. I took a bus and I had no irritation what so ever from the sun in my eyes. Its gone. It didn’t bother me so much so that I didn’t even think to buy sunglasses, because obviously these readers are not equipped for the sun.


Bonne Sante



Tweaking Ketos

I had a scare yesterday due to keto flu symptoms. I made diet adjustments and the flu symptoms are gone, but I just tested my ketones and am showing 8 as my level which is the lower end of large. I think that’s too high. I did, just now, consult the Wahls Paleo Ketosis group and looked up past discussions. One thing I did learn from this is that member’s experience was that ketones are higher at night, so I will begin testing in the morning and see how it looks. I’ll drop down some on the oil, that might be part of it. I might be overcompensating after the flu stuff yesterday. Also, high levels are bad if your diabetic, I’m not. I feel fine, I have energy, the drowsiness, weirdness in my head and chest have left me. Feeling normal. I exercised this morning, felt great. I rested for 30 minutes instead of the usual hour and had tons of energy for the second workout. That was good.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Going for an eye exam tomorrow to start in motion steps needed to replace my sad looking glasses after breaking them yesterday. The eyeglass situation doesn’t distress me much because I’m due for new glasses and I have insurance to help pay for them, but a situation did arise today that caused stress and worry, stress may be a culprit in the higher ketones. I will rest easy, meditate, and give it up to the universe. Of course, that only works if I put it out of mind. Thankfully, I’m practiced at it and will do exactly that. Adjustments, adjustments…..complicated diet, but still well worth it. I will keep plugging along.


Bonne Sante


Keto Flu Symptoms

I have fatigue, drowsiness, a light head and respiratory depression. I’m wondering now if the intense fatigue I had yesterday may also have been from this. They say that when in nutritional ketosis you have energy to burn. That has not been the case the last few days. I’m falling asleep during the day and just feel weird. On top of that, I did this to my glasses after I dropped them on the floor:


That was one hour ago, a bummer. Oh well, I really needed to upgrade the prescription anyway. Guess that’s my cue to get it done. So, back to the ketosis flu. I belong to two Dr. Wahls Facebook groups, one is the Dr. Wahls Protocol Group the other is Wahls Paleo Plus – Ketosis. I went to the latter for advice and I received the picture above and a lot of very knowledgeable direction I found very helpful. Points I learned are to make sure I keep my electrolytes up, because they take a hit. I asked what are electrolytes? Answer:

Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium are some and are three that take a hit if I am not eating adequately in ketosis. I looked over the sheet and figured this out:


  • Yes – Fatigue
  • No – Dizziness or Muscle Cramps
  • Need dark chocolate, nuts, artichoke, spinach and fish


  • Not eating enough fish
  • Buy 85% dark chocolate
  • I am taking Magnesium Glycinate Liquid daily for two weeks now


  • Yes – Heart Palpitations, Respiratory Depression
  • No – Hypertension, Cardiac Arrhythmia, Skin Problems, Constipation, Depression and Irritability, Muscle Cramps and Weakness
  • Need dark leafy greens, avocado, nuts, salmon, mushrooms

Problem: 2000 mg normal, 1000 more on a ketogenic diet

  • Not eating enough greens
  • Eat avocado daily
  • I eat a lot of nuts
  • Eat a lot more Salmon, barely eating any
  • More mushrooms

Sodium: 3000 – 5000 mg

  • Decreased insulin and decreased sodium levels may lead to kidney disease
  • Sources are bouillon, bacon, salt


  • I am not drinking enough water, always been bad at that. Up water from 3/4 glasses a day (this was up from 1 or 2 a day) to 8, mandatory
  • Increase salt, I love salt and have cut way down on it because in my mind that’s good, but not on this diet
  • I have been eating a lot of bacon
  • Need to be eating salty bone broth, which I said I would begin soon

I was going down hill fast today, at a meeting and on the train, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, felt awful, my heart felt funny, scared me. I alerted the group, I had read a little about ketosis flu, but needed to make sure that these symptoms were that and what do I do. I went home and ate a second meal before 1 pm, I ate earlier at 9 am:

First meal:

Two breakfast sausage and a smoothie that had one cup berries, one cup spinach, 1/4 cup almonds, 1/4 cup coconut milk, vanilla and water.

Second meal:

Two small wild caught cod fillets fried in two tablespoons coconut oil, a salad that had two cups spinach, 1/2 cup red cabbage, half a medium carrot, 1/4 cup onion, half an avocado and sun flower seeds in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I poured salt on everything. I use Pink Himalayan salt.

Here’s the funny thing: I had these meals before I asked the group for advice and saw the poster on keto flu symptoms. My body knew what it needed. After the second meal, I felt normal again and energetic. The body really is an incredible mechanism that we don’t give enough credit too. I am learning to let it do its job and feed it what it needs. This is a radical crash course in that, however I am told and have read, that the keto flu will only last a couple weeks as long as I follow the advice above and these next suggestions will help as well:

Eat a lot of fat: mandatory is either 51/2 tbsp’s of coconut oil or 1 whole can of full fat coconut milk or the combination of the two. In addition to these fats are ghee, olive oil or animal fat like bacon grease or duck fat. I’m not eating enough fat, tough because in my mind its still bad, I am frightened eating fish swimming in a pool of coconut oil. Not because I don’t like eating it, love it, just deeply conditioned not to do that.

This article was eye opening for me:

More protein, I cut down on protein too much when I started Ketosis, need to up it and have at least half of that be fish.

Bullet Proof Coffee in place of breakfast in the morning

Basically its Organic “special” coffee with Brain Octane Oil (MCT) and grass fed butter or grass fed Ghee.

You can read about it here:

Most who do this in the group swear by it. Dr. Wahls drinks this daily too. Another expense yes, but it will help me stay healthy. Dr. Wahls keeps herself in ketosis 10 months in a year. She has been doing this since 2008. I spoke with one woman who is in ketosis three years now. They’ve benefited greatly. I’ve been excited to start this because I’ve been listening to many who are fairing well in ketosis. But, I took my time working up to this, because I wanted to make sure that I was well prepared and I feel that I am and I feel because of that readiness, these flu symptoms will end soon.

I am in this for the long haul and I am committed to it no matter what the cost. So far, the way has been afforded me despite the fact that I am on a fixed disability income and live alone. See, this is where my Higher Power comes in. You don’t have to believe that, but for me, it helps me make difficult changes like the Protocol. And that works for me.

Bonne Sante



Not so fast….

Well, I had a great workout in the pool this morning, took my shower and headed straight upstairs without the hour rest I usually take before my second workout with weights. I dragged through that workout and had to stop halfway through. I walked down the stairs and once at the bottom realized I’d left my purse in the locker. I looked up at all those stairs for several minutes, turned around and sat on the bench for ten minutes, then I climbed the stairs. At the top of the stairs, I had to sit down in a chair for five minutes before I could walk the 20 feet to the locker. There was my answer, “You still need the rest,” I said sternly to myself. A future milestone, I have no doubt that it will come. In the mean time, I have lost four pounds so far this month.

Meals today:

Lunch: Seven strips of nitrate free bacon, dry cured black olives, a smoothie with one cup berries, two tbsp’s coconut milk, water, nutritional yeast, vanilla, cinnamon, almonds, one and half cups spinach.

Snack: A handful of macadamia nuts

Dinner: Chicken thigh cooked in coconut oil with turmeric, paprika, onion powder and ginger, 1/2 a cup of pureed yams with half tsp coconut oil, one tbsp coconut milk, onion powder and salt and pepper, coleslaw with 1 cup red cabbage, 1/4 cup onion, 1/4 cup radishes mixed with Vegenaise, Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper with these I added a dollop of Tahini sauce which is loaded with garlic and 1/2 cup Kombucha tea.

Looking at it, I needed more greens, otherwise all is covered.

Need to work on soaking nuts and seeds the night before, I did once. Also need to begin making bone broth. This will be my priority next month. I should be drinking a cup of bone broth a day. Away’s a work in progress.


Bonne Sante


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Milestones and Links to Important MS Theorists

I walked in heels today! They weren’t super high, maybe 2.5 inches, but its been a really long time and I did great in them. I go to the gym four days a week. I take a deep water aerobics class first thing, then shower and break for one hour to rest my leg so that I can do a second workout upstairs in the gym where I stretch and circuit train. All together, I’m exercising a total of 1 hour and forty minutes. When I began the Wahls Protocol I upped my schedule from two days a week to four. At my sickest this past winter, it was necessary to frequently cancel workouts almost on a weekly basis, I was so sick and there were only two. Now, I make every workout and there are four. The new milestone here is the fact that I don’t think I need the rest any longer between. With my new eating schedule, I won’t be eating breakfast anymore at the Leisure Center I work out at. Tomorrow is my first test. Because of that rest I end up spending closer to four hours at the gym, but without it, I can be outta there in two. But, is it possible? I am quite confident it is. Tell you how it went tomorrow.

I promised links to the pioneers I spoke of yesterday, some of you are well aware of them and some are not, but here they are:

Ashton Embry’s Direct MS –

Matt Embry’s MS Hope –

Dr. Terry Wahls –

Excellent YouTube Presentation from Dr. Wahls – Dr. Terry Wahls | Revitalize | How I Went From Wheelchair To Walking By Changing My Diet

The Wahls Protocol Facebook Group (this is not run by Dr. Wahls herself) This is a very supportive group –

Dr. George Jelinek –

CCSVI Alliance (This group has information to what’s going on at this time in research for CCSVI with interviews with Dr. Paolo Zamboni, Dr. Scott Rosa and others –

Dr. Roy L. Swank (Swank MS Foundation) –

Dr. Cicero Coimbra – A word of warning, these pages describe how Dr. Coimbra’s Protocol works, do not do this without a doctor trained in this Protocol, this must be done under a physicians guidance –

Autoimmune Wellness Angie Alt and Melissa Trescott  –

“With five autoimmune diseases between us, we found our path to better health through the Autoimmune Protocol. Now it is our mission to share this approach through nourishing recipes, practical resources, and community connections.”

This one I didn’t mention yesterday. This one is a Paleo based diet closest to Dr. Wahls. What this one does that is different is strip down foods to only foods that have no ill effect on most people for one year, then begin reintroducing some of them to test if you have a sensitivity to it. This is a very good website.

Anything I come across after thoroughly researching and reading up on all that I can I will share with you so that you too can read the presented material for yourself (which you should always do).


Bonne Sante


The picture is of the shoes I wore today!