A cloud on the lake just for me

The last day in Temiscouata Sur Le Lac I was treated to the cloud on the lake. I lamented the two weeks we were there, wondering where it was and yesterday, there it was. The lake has this phenomenon of a crisp white cloud that forms on the lake when the conditions are right, it does happen often. Usually very early in the morning, which was the case yesterday. Half the cloud had already dissipated by the time I ran downstairs to my phone and clicked the pictures. It is crisper than this and bigger. Very happy I got to see that again.

I am home in Calgary. I love Calgary. The flight home yesterday was uneventful except for a last minute flight change that brought us home two hours early. I did not write a blog yesterday. I did give my cat many hugs. Our visit to Lac Temiscouata was lovely, however there is a reason a friend once called it, “The Big Empty”, it is, but very beautiful, in an almost other worldly way. I love all the diversity and hustle and bustle a city has to offer. Loved seeing so many people that I’ve not seen in decades who made special trips out to see us. Loved that. And of course, the best was my daughters graduation/prom, the main point of the trip. Re-connections were made and that was lovely too. I stayed on the Wahls path as well as I could under the circumstances. Most of the meats that I ate were not pure, except for two meals of moose meat. I ate far more eggs than I should. Eggs are on the forbidden list on the protocol, however she does explain that that is because she is highly allergic to them and that eggs in general are a very allergenic food, but some people may not be bothered by them. I don’t find that they bother me, even so, at home, I limit them to two eggs once a week. On vacation, I ate them several times a week. I did keep up with the veggies and half the fish. I went to the grocery store today and got stocked up here.

I had a smoothie for breakfast using frozen fruit, frozen chopped kale, coconut milk, water, sunflower seed butter and nutritional yeast. It tasted better than it looked due to its unflattering grey color. I had a can of solid tuna with veganaise and onion followed by one cup of fresh cherries and I had a dinner of bratwurst sausage made from grass fed animals without antibiotics or hormones with greens, mushrooms, onions and pureed cauliflower with coconut milk and ghee. As I ate my dinner, I watched a documentary on Netflix called, “What the health”. A Joaquin Phoenix doc.  A documentary against the consumption of all meats and dairy, but claims processed sugar is okay. This is a Joaquin Phoenix doc. It promotes a vegan approach. It has valid points, however, right from the beginning its difficult to continue watching because it goes on a tirade against processed meats while filming whole meats, says even organic is not good. It did not mention pure meats at all, i.e. Grass fed, wild, so on. I did watch the whole documentary and have mixed feelings about it. It was slanted in the way that it presented its evidence, which made it difficult for me to wholly take it seriously. Although, I will say again, it did have its valid points, such as one doctor explaining the difference between meat eating animals and plant eating animals, that was compelling. Other sections were on the ridiculous side in its way of misleading statements. I can only say, watch it for yourself and form your own conclusions. I am still pondering it and did present it for discussion within the Wahls Facebook group.

In terms of my energy level for a trip that began at 7:30 am and ended at 9 pm including breakfast goodbyes and an evening hello to my cat who was courteously delivered to me at 8:30 pm, who first checked that her kitty litter, food and favorite window spot were all intact before presenting herself to me. Cats! So, funny.  All considering, I did very well and even had energy enough to unpack after all was said and done. I again declined all the wheel chair service set up for me with a big smile on my face.

Bonne Sante


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