Botanical Gardens, Edmundston, NB

A very meditative day. An hour listening to birds in the backyard this morning while sunning my face and an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens (pictured above). Even better, I walked a landscape that is eight acres square. Ordinarily when I go to places like zoo’s and fairs, it is necessary to either rent a wheelchair or bring my walker. I did neither! I walked at a fair clip in the first half hour, I did slow down, but not ridiculously so. Halfway thru, it was necessary to sit for twenty minutes. The biggest issue were the pathways which are layered with either gravel or shale stones. The gravel I would drag into my sandal on the left side (drop foot) and the shale I would need to slow down and keep my eyes on the ground to insure that my left foot didn’t catch the corner of a stone. Other than that, we traversed the whole landscape, its been a few years since I’ve been able to do this. Two for one, exercise and meditation!

When I get home there will be two prescriptions waiting for me in my mailbox for e-stim. One for an electrical muscle stimulation machine and the other for physical therapy to get me started and to teach me where to send the electrical pulses to begin rehabbing my left leg. Very excited about this. I am realistic about it as well and am preparing myself for the long haul. It took Dr. Wahls three years to heal the damage in her drop foot. She spent one hour a day using e-stim. I do understand that there are no quick fixes with this. I also understand that rehabbing my leg does not heal the lesion, the lesion I hope to better with the Wahls Palio Plus level which keeps you in Ketosis where healing happens during the fasting periods. Even so, I still understand that that is not a cure all either. Dr. Wahls still experiences weakness in her left leg when her speeches are two hours long or when walking more than one kilometer. But, she walks with no limp before that happens, when once she did. I dream of walking normally. One hour a day, one day at a time, that’s the way to do it.

34009343.058a662a.640 (1)
Botanical Gardens living sculpture

Bon Sante

Pictures of the New Brunswick Botanical Gardens in Edmundston, NB Canada.

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