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Our time here is almost over. Thursday we fly back home. I spent the morning with my daughter who is working her new job full days till we leave, interspersed with going away parties with her girlfriends that are leaving now for their dorm rooms in Quebec City. We went shopping for her needs for her dorm room that she will be going to in early August. Very excited for her. A little, “She’s grown up so fast.” sadness.

For the Protocol, I’ve been lax on my exercise. I am looking forward to going to the Southland Leisure Centre and resuming my routine there. I was given hand weights to use here and just never picked one up, they look at me and I ignore them. Guess I’m on vacation from that. On the other hand, because of the very nature of this place, my meditation has increased two fold. I had a nice day, but as I write, I am exhausted. Dinner was a success tonight. I cooked for everyone and everyone helped. We made Italian sausage sauteed with peppers, onions and garlic, with balsamic, bacon grease, vegetable broth and herbs. With that we had pureed carrots and potatoes with ghee and coconut milk and greens sauteed with steamed broccoli, mushrooms and garlic. Nice dinner, no disasters.

Tomorrow is a chill day, Wednesday we are cooking for family, Thursday we are travelling to Quebec City and meeting my sister in-law there and flying out later in the day from Quebec City. We will be home late Thursday night. I feel like these days will pass in the blink of an eye and our reunion will be over. I am anxious for my routines, but there will be sadness in that.

I wish you all good health

Bon Sante


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