Big Day!

The day was so big, I missed my blog posting yesterday, a first. My daughter had her high school graduation and her prom all in one day. First the actual day, then how I physically did with it all. Absolutely nothing went wrong yesterday, every aspect of her day was perfection. The day started at 8 am and ended at midnight when Cinderella’s magic carriage turned into the after prom camp out. The graduation was two hours long and ended at 3 pm. We had one hour and 15 minutes to get her to the house, changed, made up and out the door and to the location of the limo by 4:15. We did it, whew! The prom kicked off with a red carpet event at 5 pm. That was fun. We were seated for dinner by 6:30. At home at 10 pm we were greeted (expected) by a cousin and his family that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. We stayed up chatting till midnight. My daughter came home, deglittered and was off to an after prom camp out with the class of 2017! I am so proud of her and so pleased that her big day went so well.

Now, from an MS standpoint. Most of the day, I did very well. I faltered after 45 minutes of standing for the red carpet and had to find a place to sit and then again at the end of the seated dinner, it was hard to walk to the car. Other then those two moments and even afterwards, staying up and chatting, I’m good. Up early this morning, writing my blogs and getting caught up with social media, having my coffee. I don’t have words to describe how grateful I am for Dr. Wahls Protocol and for my family helping me stay on it during a complicated day like yesterday. We are blessed in a million different ways. What I ate yesterday, a smoothie in the morning, a quick salad before the graduation. The prom dinner consisted of chicken shish kabob, rice and salad. It began with a squash soup. I took the sour cream drizzled on top of the soup, off. I ate the salad without the ranch dressing. I ate only half the rice (around a half cup) and I did eat the chicken with a sweet sauce. All in all, considering the complexity of the day, I did as well as could be and still be socially engaged in every aspect. I feel it was a Wahls success. I’m satisfied.

Ooh, I hear my daughter just home from her camp out. Gotta go and hear the details!

Bon Sante

Picture: My daughter just stepped out of her limo at the red carpet event.

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