An isolated paradise

This is where I am vacationing. This is how it looks from all sides of the house. Note the lake to the left of the picture. This was my home and is the home of my ex-husband. I was up very early this morning reading posts on my laptop in a front room of the house. I looked up to see a female moose standing 20 feet away from the window. I watched for a minute as she stood still and then she trotted across the road up into the front field and into the woods. Every day there are deer in the backyard fields. On the back porch is a hummingbird feeder (pictured below):

buzzerNote in the picture is the hummingbird feeder with a hummingbird. Just below and to the right of the picture is a wood container for laundry clips. I hung my laundry here this morning not two feet from “Buzzer”, my nickname for the hummingbird. If I loved animals more than people, this would be the place for me as it is for my ex. I love people, I like community, I love being apart of a community.

All is well keeping up with my diet, although we went to a canteen for Poutine. Poutine is one of my favorites too. My kids wanted some. Poutine, correctly pronounced “Poo-tin”  is a Quebecois traditional food which consists of french fries, covered in brown chicken gravy and “squeaky cheese”, a curd cheese made here in Quebec. We do have Poutine in Calgary, mispronounced “Pooteen” there its made slightly incorrectly, the cheese is not the squeaky kind here and its allowed to melt under the gravy, in Quebec its added cold last. Serious yum, I did abstain. Once home, I cooked sauteed shrimp with spaghetti squash, steamed broccoli and garlic in coconut oil, it wasn’t Poutine, but it was yummy enough and then I walked up a flight of stairs, not like a toddler as I did not less then two months ago, but like an adult, one leg after the other. As far as I am concerned, Poutine can stay a distant pleasant memory.

Bon Sante

Pictures of family home on Lac Temiscuoata in Quebec.

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