Stay the course

Humidity! Not used to that anymore. Calgary is very dry. It is situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains and is referred to as the foothills. To the west are the Rockies and to the east are the Plains. Here in Lac Temiscouata, Quebec is the exact opposite. Very humid, lush, green, buggy, buggy, buggy and at sea level, whereas Calgary has a 3,000 foot elevation. Eventually, I will transfer pictures from my I-phone to my laptop and then I will post a picture taken here of the terrain.

From the Wahls perspective. I’ve had a successful day following the Protocol. I do feel good about that, now I need to get caught up with my exercise. I don’t want to lose touch or slip back after only 21/2 months on the Protocol. I’ve managed to keep up with four days of exercise plus walks on off days and I’ve been faithful to following the food guidelines. I need to be willing to do this no matter where I am or what I am doing. After just 21/2 months, its too easy to blow this or that off and then after 2 weeks of edging this in and that out or completely stopping an exercise schedule, it will take monumental effort to get back on track. I think this is where many quit. Not me, the gains are to great to ignore. Yeah, its a pain and yeah, I have to put other people out, however, I do my part to make it as easy on others as possible by taking care of the cooking and staying out of the way as much as I can with my requirements. Because, they are my requirements. I am the one who ultimately needs to be sure that I am following the program.

Thank God I only need to do this one day at a time.

Bon Sante

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