Reliving ghosts from the past

This is a very emotional trip that is important and is healing for our family. Had a very nice day celebrating Father’s Day with my ex and our two children, 17 and 27. Our son took us all out for breakfast. Its been a long time since the four of us have been together like that. It was lovely. After that we went grocery shopping for me to get the foods that I need to successfully follow Dr. Wahls Protocol in the coming two weeks. Today, I covered all the Protocol bases. I brought the tracking sheets and put them up on the fridge and I am cooking the meals. So far, everyone’s happy with the meals. That helps a lot. There is nothing like the support of your family.

It has been five years since my son and his father have seen each other. We live 3,000 miles apart, five years for me too. My daughter who was with me till she was nine, went under the primary care of her father after I suffered a very bad MS attack in 2008. She stays with me for the summers. This is a very big year for her, a coming of age consisting of her graduation, prom, job, college and license to drive. We are here to see her and it is the first time the four of us have spent meaningful time together as a family since 2004. My husband and I didn’t separate for dysfunctional reasons. The Lac Temiscouta region is a very isolated area, a place where people go back generations with each other. It was hard for me to live here and it was hard for him to leave. It tore our 18 year marriage apart within three years. These reasons are what my vacation is about. A big emotional event. But, it is going very well. And I am settled better and able to concentrate on what I need to eat. I did forgo the organic and natural meats, only while here. I will resume that back home, but I am very strict about dairy and gluten. Today, so far, so good.

Bon Sante


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