This is hard

This is hard keeping up with the required amount of veggies. I forget to track it and then, one or another of the three cups suffers. This morning was interesting. We were making home fries and crepes for company that were leaving later in the day. The crepes were going to be made with Gluten Free flour that I brought with me and the potatoes were cooked in coconut oil. Missing were vegetables. At the last minute, someone else mixed the crepes and began cooking them, but forgot to use the GF flour. That turned out to be the better thing for me, because it had me in the fridge pulling together vegetables just for me. Breakfast for me ended up being stir fried veggies that included spring greens, spinach and broccoli. I added avocado after the stir fry was removed from the heat with a half cup of home fries on the side. This gave me, 11/2 cups greens, 11/2 cups sulpher, 1 cup colored. I skipped lunch again and had 8 oz of chicken breast from last night, salad with raspberries and avocado, 11/2 cup greens, 11/2 cup colored and 1/2 cup sulpher. I need to go grocery shopping for sulpher vegetables, short again, but not as bad as yesterday in the sulpher category. Garlic, we have none, can give me one cup of sulpher with just 2 cloves of garlic. Tomorrow, that will be my priority.

That and Father’s Day breakfast for the father of the house. Looking forward to that, I have no idea what to expect from the restaurant. But, its not the point, going to the grocery store after. I am also having a hard time concentrating on writing this blog because I am out of my element and my routines and having multi tasking issues. I am trying my best. Most important, I am having a great time here.

Bonne Santé

PS: My French speaking daughter corrected my Bon Sante to Bonne Santé

PSS: That accent on the e will never happen again, because I will not be changing my keyboard just for that. Forgive me.

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