Day one in Quebec. First off and most important, this is a joyous event. A reunion between our family that has been long overdue. That is the more important focus, to be apart of this. Second, is sticking to the Protocol as best I can. Getting the precise amounts of the veggies is hard. I am out of my element and having hard time remembering and organizing my meals. All in all, considering the situation, I think I did okay. I had a salad for breakfast with avocado. There was 11/2 cups greens, 1/2 cup sulpher and 1 cup colored. I didn’t eat lunch. I crashed instead, couldn’t sleep well last night, after the long day travelling yesterday, I slept for three hours in the afternoon. Dinner was my son’s birthday dinner. Bob made a vegetable soup, other than minute rice, I could have everything in it. It was 1/2 cup colored. I made lemon pepper chicken breasts, salad with strawberries, walnuts and bacon, mashed potatoes with coconut milk and clarified butter, 1 cup colored, 8 ounces protein, 112 cup greens. My sister in law made a cacao desert with very little sugar (maple syrup), I had that while everyone else had birthday cake. I didn’t get enough sulpher, only 1/2 cup.

Totals today:

  • Greens: 3 cups
  • Colored:  21/2 cups
  • Sulpher: 1/2 cup

Compromises: 1/4 cup minute rice, 1 strip regular bacon, regular chicken breasts (meats will be what we can get from a regular grocery store, that is the best here.). That’s okay.

Tomorrow, I will try to do better on the sulpher category. In mean time, very much enjoying my family!

Bon Sante



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