Travelling Day

Travelling Day
A great feeling to decline the wheelchairs waiting for me at each airport. I only needed help carrying my laptop case, my son took care of that. The only walking aid I used was my cane, I did great! I still have energy despite a full days travel, although, we’ll see how I am tomorrow. 
Meals: I had a big salad this morning with a chicken breast. I bought the best choice I could for a snack at the airport to take on the plane. I bought beef jerky, the only wrong with it was it had nitrates (not too bad) and trail mix with raw nuts and dried fruit, the dried fruit was sweetened, thats not good, but for the small amount I had, it wasn’t much more than a teaspoon. It got me through. For dinner, we went to St. Hubert, a chicken restaurant. I had rotisserie chicken sans gravy, half a bare baked potato and a greens salad with balsamic vinegar. I think all considering, I did good. At least the very best I could.
I am writing this in the back of a car on my cell phone : )
Bon Sante

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