Keep on, keepin’ on

I have busy schedules and a list of chores both in the house and out of the house daily for the last week as I prepare for Quebec at the same time I continue learning and implementing the many facets of the Wahls Protocol and despite all this, I still find the energy to socialize. I expect the other shoe to drop and crash, but it doesn’t happen. Fatigue has been reduced that dramatically. I still deal with fatigue in this sense. If I overwork my left leg, I can barely walk till I regain my strength in that leg. I still have brain fatigue when I’ve overtaxed my mind with thinking activities and have to stop and do something air headed till the buzz in my brain stops. What is different about that kind of fatigue is that it takes longer for it to happen. I last longer on my left leg, etc. The other fatigue is an overall fatigue that takes me down for a day or two when I spend to much energy. It was impossible for me to go daily like this. To avoid a fatigue crash like the aforementioned, I couldn’t schedule activities on back to back days, only every other day or suffer the consequences. I have a “must be done before Quebec” list that I am checking off what I’ve completed each day every night and I am right on schedule and I’m not a mess! I can’t believe it. To sum up, to keep on, keepin’ on is a pace that I’d lost the ability to maintain for many years (since 2009). I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it hasn’t happened yet, so I guess I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.

Bon Sante


Picture by Pexels:

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