New Development for MS

Click on the link to read the article in the Cambridge News:

Dr. Su Metcalfe MS Breakthrough

What she is developing in short is nano technology that will heal the lesions naturally. She will be ready for clinical trials in 3 to 5 years. She is receiving funding from Big Pharma, which means that if this really turns out to be good, they will charge the Earth for it. Further, it doesn’t address the root causes, which thousands around the world are demonstrating that it is environmental. What you put in you, what you put on you, stress and vitamin D deficiency are some of the culprits. In other words, if the afflicted has the treatment and their lesions are healed, but they keep living in the same conditions that contributed to getting MS in the first place, then it will have to be repeated and repeated and repeated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about this. I would love to have my lesions healed. In the mean time I will continue with the Wahls Protocol and heal this way and if I get the chance to have this treatment, it will be in addition to Wahls.

I have another illness that required a major lifestyle and personality change that took a great deal of work and commitment to put into remission. After 25 years I still need to maintain my spiritual condition to keep it at bay. A quick fix was not the answer. Even if they come up with a treatment that will heal me, its a broken personality situation with that disease. I will still need to work at building strong character and continue to help others. It is the same with this. What both lifestyle treatments offer for both of these illnesses are vast as a result of all that hard work. The other illness remedy by product offers me better coping skills, tight community, spirituality and strength to meet daily challenges and the Wahls Protocol gives me a strong body, endless energy, healing, clear thinking and remission without interferon’s or symptom medications.

It will be interesting to see what does come of Dr. Su Metcalfe’s trials, we will have to wait a while till it is a viable healing solution.

Bon Sante

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