Travel plans and keeping up with Dr. Wahls

I am travelling to Quebec next week for a family event. We’re staying two weeks and we will be flying in. I’m working on my third month on the Protocol. It being as complicated as it is, it won’t be easy to keep track of, at least not without a clear plan. I do have the support of my family, who have availed themselves to help me. However, its mine to do because I know what it is I can eat and what I can’t. I will be a little lenient, in that we’ll eat bacon, not nitrate free bacon and so on. This is a rural area and won’t have what I have available to me here. I will pack a bag of staples to help me, such as sulphite free balsamic  vinegar, nutritional yeast, cashew butter, buckwheat and chia seeds (to take the place of cereal), coconut oil and canned coconut milk. We are having a big dinner the next day after arrival for our son who will be turning 27. I offered to cook, which was gratefully accepted because then I can better control what is going into the meals helping me to be able to join in with everyone for the dinner meals. This was worked out when I was asked in regards to the birthday meal if I could have beef cubes, “yes”, good I’m making a rag out with onion soup mix “no, can’t have the onion soup mix”. Can you have potatoes, “yes”, good, I’m going to mash them, “no, can’t have the butter and milk”. So, I’m going to make baked lemon pepper chicken breast, mashed potatoes with clarified butter and coconut milk, steamed sulpher veggie like asparagus or broccoli, big salad with strawberries, bacon, dried cranberries, walnuts, onions with Mouso sulphite free balsamic vinegar and olive oil. This way, I can take the onus off the family member, (my ex) to have to worry about what I’m eating and he doesn’t have to cook. Now, I won’t be in the awkward situation where I have to turn down most of the meal and eat something different which is complicated and will require a lot of explaining. I can just eat what everyone is eating without having to talk about it. A win/win. Now, obviously it isn’t every situation that you can offer to be the cook, but in this one, thankfully, it works out for both of us.

What I think will be hardest for me is to keep track of it all with my routine out of place. I will bring the Wahls tracking sheet and use it there. Its complicated to follow this on my own in my own house, never mind someone else’s home, I will not argue with that. This requires a lot of fore thinking and planning. I will be bringing one suitcase, that will have half clothes and half Wahls Protocol helpers such as my blender and supplements and the a fore mentioned bag of staples. Logistics, as I’ve mentioned on my symptoms page, is a tough one for me. It is necessary for me to plan ahead for most things so that I am only dealing with the unexpected to better cut down on having to make snap decisions on the spot as much as possible.

Onward’s and upward’s!

Bon Sante


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