Busy as a buuuuuzzzzz…

I had a de-clutter day. I am ordinarily good at keeping up with this, but its been awhile with all the energy going into the Protocol. So, the microwave went away. I have been relearning how to live without a microwave. I am old enough to remember a day when we didn’t have them. I was 18 the first time I used one. They didn’t become common for a few more years. Wahls doesn’t like them. She feels that they change the molecular structure of the food you cook with them. I learned a long time ago, that if you want what someone has achieved then you do what they did. I want the healing that Dr. Wahls has and so I am learning to do everything she did, not pick and choose, then wonder why I’ve plateaued. I gave away a small flat screen TV I no longer use in my bedroom since I dropped the cable, as a result of that, I am sleeping ten times better. I had the bad habit of leaving the TV on all night. I went through all my clothes and filled three tall kitchen bags with clothes that are too big. This was a little scary, I had a, “OMG, what if I need them!”, moment. I reassured myself that my molecular structure is changing for the better and since I have made a pact to see this through to the nth degree, I said to myself, “All will be well.” I went through all the household stuff and I tossed or gave away everything that has ingredients I don’t want, except for toothpaste and shampoo. I will be making my own after I get back from Quebec at June’s end, then I’ll start that.

I called my Neurologist and spoke with his nurse to ask if I could get a prescription for physio at a rehab that can get me 14 visits covered by health care for e-stim (electrical stimulation for rehab for my left leg) and I asked for a prescription to see if I can get the device for me to use at home covered from Cosco (that’s a far cry, I’ll be surprised if I can get that covered). But, you don’t know unless you ask. I’ll find out about that tomorrow. The rehab said they didn’t need a prescription, but a friend said, yes you do need one, AISH will want that for the visits after five. I figure, better to have it than not.

That’s all I have for today

Bon Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/beautiful-bee-biology-blur-259611/

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