The road behind me…

I want to concentrate today on how far I’ve come implementing the Wahls Protocol. I am focused on what’s next, but I need to also feel good about what I’ve done. And so, I’ve compiled a brief list of milestone changes I’ve made so far:

March 27: A walker is becoming a reality along with muscle relaxers to combat worsening spasticity. My answer, “F#@k this”!, and I haven’t looked back since.

Removed all gluten, dairy, processed foods and began consuming 9 cups of vegetables and fruits a day.

Cut down sugar to one teaspoon a day.

Began eating salmon (big one for me).

Tried organ meat, decided instead to opt for liver pills.

Eat most of the fish I need to eat in a week.

Investing in supplements, researched the hell out of that.

Upped my exercise from two days a week to four days a week and today had a milestone. 20 minutes on the stationary bike at level II. Started using the bike six weeks ago beginning with 2 minutes at level I and the machine screen flashing “Resume Workout”.

Started this blog to help me stay motivated and accountable.

Joined the Wahls Protocol Facebook group.

Lost 15 lbs and a dress size.

Created a Wahls tracking sheet to help me keep better track of the many components of this regime.

Stopped using my microwave.

Stopped using a TV in my bedroom, better sleeping.

Tossed the Teflon pan for a ceramic one.

Tossed the face cream and deodorant and started using Epsom salts for baths.

Learning to juggle cooking and chopping and dishes for most meals, salads and smoothies are quick.

Using the steam room for ten minutes twice a week for detoxing.

Made an appointment to see a physical therapist to use electrical stimulation to rehab my left drop foot leg (appointment for assessment is tomorrow).

Began walking “out there” again. Back to my old speed before this last attack, only better.

Stopped using the AFO brace I have in order to retrain my foot to flex when walking.

Had blood work done for a physical for a marker at the beginning of the journey to compare annually and to assess levels for supplements.

Switched to mostly organic, make my own Ghee, and eating only grass fed, no antibiotics,  no hormones, nitrate free natural meats and wild caught fish.

Quit cream and sugar in my coffee (tough one for me), barely drink coffee anymore.

Quit buying gel nails, haircuts and cable TV to help free up money for better food.

Went to the mall with friends to shop.

Went back to the mall by myself. This was a big thing for me, the last time I went to the mall, I had to be rescued in a ball of tears.

Bought, not tried yet, a new hair dye that is less toxic.

This is all that I can think of right now, I think there is more, but that’s all I can remember at this moment. What I am experiencing physically, mindfully and spiritually is well worth the trouble. And so, the journey moves forward……

Bon Sante







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