One snail step at a time.

The next frontiers: Soaking nuts, fermentation, algae, desiccated liver pills and fermented cod liver oil. A lot of thought happens for me before I start a new habit. Soaking nuts is technically something I could be doing now. I looked again at the instructions and then I closed the book and said, “Not today.” I have a fear of moss, fermenting and soaking nuts both have this potential problem. Instructions say for fermenting to make sure water stays over the top of the food to stop molding, but not too much water and for the nuts, dry them in the oven or a dehydrator if not consuming them “right away” (which is funny to me, because you will have soaked them 6 to 12 hours or overnight), or they will mold quickly. The worse taste imaginable, to me, is mold. For fermentation, I feel I will do better if I buy the book that I had mentioned in a previous blog and that which I should also list on the research page, Mastering Fermentation. I will find, I am sure, once I start experimenting with fermentation and soaking nuts, its not a big deal, easy to do and will wonder why I dragged my feat on this. Well, another reason is, another habit to learn, implement and incorporate into my life. I am getting there a snail step at a time.

Algae, I almost bought some yesterday, but I wasn’t sure it is the one I need and at $38.00 a package. I need to be sure. A friend gave me supplements for bones that include algae in the capsules. I am taking those. But, still need to purchase some. I am told that Spirulina from Hawaii is ideal. I sought this yesterday at the Sunnyside Natural Market, but they are back ordered, she offered me the other stuff, forget what it is, but did take note that it is farmed rather than harvested from the sea, which I am guessing is one of the reasons Hawaiian Spirulina is better. I will wait till I get back from Quebec at month’s end to order it online. I did order desiccated liver pills online, but was sent an email that they are out of stock and my money is being refunded. Takes time and patience to find the sources and money for all these components. I did successfully order and am awaiting two new supplements that Dr. Wahls suggests: B12 Methylcobalamin-1000 mcg and Coenzyme Q10-100 mg.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil, there are only two places that make this. The difference from Cod Liver Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil is, fermented is the way your grandmother (mine anyway) would’ve had it. The one I am interested in is from an organic farm in the US called Green Pastures. A bottle is $44 USD, that’ll be around $60.00 CAD. I did some online searching and did come across a recommendation for a shop online that is selling it for the same price as in the US. That will be a purchase in July. The desiccated liver pills are an option for those of us who just can’t eat organ meat, that has been me. I did try.

To help offset some of the cost of the supplements, I really need to get connected with Pure North here in Calgary. I need to wait till I get back from Quebec to make an appointment for an assessment. I had my labs done, I have a print out of the level ranges that Wahls suggests we need to be for each supplement, I can bring my lab results and have Pure North help me figure all this out.

I feel that once I am on my way with all of this, and there is more, just not addressing it today, I should qualify for some kind of certificate for all this new knowledge I am gratefully receiving.

Bon Sante


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